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Registration - The What and How-to for Event Admins
Registration - The What and How-to for Event Admins

An overview on setting up your registration site, registration form and bringing people into your event

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Start your attendees off on the right foot with a beautiful, custom registration experience.


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What is Registration?

Cadence Registration is an Essential Feature, and therefore available to you on any license you purchase or use for free. Our built-in registration page allows event organizers to share their event with their audience, showcase their brand, collect attendee information, and personalize the attendee experience.

How to set it up?


To begin, visit your event in the Admin Site, navigate to the left-hand side menu, and go to People > Registration.

You will see the screen above. Select Enable Registration and the following form will display for you to begin building!

Enable/Disable Event Registration

As you have selected Enable Registration from the previous screen, your registration is now enabled. If you ever want to disable your event registration page, you may uncheck this field.

Registration Type

Select from one of five registration types:

  1. Public - Open Registration

    Select this option if your event is open to the public. This means your registration page will be a public link. Anyone with the link is able to register and gain access to your event.

  2. Private - By Email List
    Select this option to specify who can register for this event by email address. After saving this page, you will find the registration list tab where you can add permitted email addresses.

  3. Private - By Domains
    Select this option if you aim to limit your event to certain domain(s).

  4. Private - to Existing Users
    Select this option if you want to restrict registration only to people within your account's current list of users. This could mean any existing users who have previously attended events in your account or new users that you manually import into your account.

  5. Private - to Specific Account Groups

    Select this option if you would like to restrict registration only to people within a particular Account Group. For this, you'll need to create your Account Group first.

Note: If your event is meant to be ticketed, we recommend using a third-party registration platform (Eventbrite, Cvent, etc.) and manually importing your registrants as attendees into Cadence. Depending on the platform you use, we may be able to integrate it for Premium Pro and Enterprise customers (this may come at an additional cost). Please work directly with your Customer Success team.

Event Name in Registration Page URL

By default, your Event Name will apply to your Registration Page URL Short Name. However, you may further refine the event name if you'd like and customize the text after the last slash of

Note: Premium Pro and Enterprise License customers may also use their custom domain. Please work directly with your Customer Success team.

Event Overview

Write a compelling description for your event here:

This will appear under the Description of your Registration Site:

Registration Confirmation Message

Include a confirmation message here:

This will appear as a pop-up as soon as attendees have registered:

Registration Restricted Message

Enable and include a registration restricted message here:

This will appear as a pop-up when a person attempts to register but does not meet the requirements of your registration:

Attendee Capacity

You can set attendee capacity for your event here. You may leave it empty for no limit.

Once capacity is reached, the Register option will now display as Registration Closed:

Assign to Group(s)

If you would like registrations to be automatically added to certain group(s) upon completing registration, you may add groups in this section:

Note: You will need to create Groups first before being able to assign them.

Registration Close Date/Time

If you would like to close your registration at a specific date & time, apply it here:

Close Registration

To immediately close registration, select this option. You may also turn off Enable Registration, but then your registration URL will no longer be active.

Register Button URL Redirect

Use this option if you'd like the 'Register for Event' button to redirect to another URL, such as a Typeform or a third-party registration platform with payment processing.

Note: This option does NOT integrate your registration custom platform with Cadence Registration, hence your attendees will not automatically be marked as registered for this event. You will need to manually import your registrants as attendees into the Cadence platform.

Remove Download App Details below Register Button

In the virtual era, a few event organizers have asked for the ability to remove the app details to funnel their attendees only to the desktop web experience. You can do so here:

Your event registration page will now look like this:

Registration Summary Emails

Enable registration summary emails if you would like the Events Team to receive a daily registration confirmation summary email for all newly registered attendees.

Hide Event When Not Registered

Select this option if you do not want this event to appear in the events list for users who have not yet registered.

Registration Website Logo & Image

Use the Registration Website Logo & Image fields to apply your logo and awe-inspiring registration image. You may upload your own. Or under Options, you may choose images directly from our Unsplash integration to easily insert beautiful royalty-free photos into your event!

For more details on image dimensions and requirements, read this article.


Use the website builder to communicate all event details, including an overview of your schedule, speakers, sponsors, and any additional context you'd like to provide your audience on your registration website.

Here's an example of how you might want to build your site:

Visit the Website Builder tab and select the + button:

Name your section and add a small (optional) description for it:


Select Content if you wish to add link(s) to Attendees, Speakers, Location, Content, Schedule Items or Companies.

Once you hit "Save", a Links section will appear at the bottom of the page.

Select the + button:

Select Session by Track if you wish to add all Schedule Items that belong to a particular track:

Then choose your track:

Track sections will appear like this, broken down into days:

Note: You will only be able to select from Content and Tracks that already exist in your event, so be sure to create them first. (The Companies feature is only available for Premium, Premium Pro, or Enterprise License customers.)

Reorder the List of Sections

To change the custom order of your sections, use the icon to the left of the titles:


Create a custom registration form to

  • Capture important attendee information (beyond name and email)

  • Automatically display responses on attendee profiles (optional)

  • Personalize the attendee experience by pre-assigning them to groups based on their answers

Here's an example of what a form might look like:

To create your custom form, visit the Registration Form tab and select Enable Registration:

Registration Form Description

Feel free to edit the default Registration Form Description here:

This will appear above the registration form:

Add Questions

To add questions, select the + button:

Question Types

Select from three question types: Short Text, Free Response & Dropdown.

  1. Short Text
    Use this question type to capture short responses like Number, Company, or City.

  2. Free Response
    This is the ideal question type for longer responses. Examples would be "What are you most excited about for this event?", "What was the last event you attended? Tell us your most and least favorite parts!"

  3. Dropdown
    This question type allows you to enter answer options from which registrants can select. Examples would be such as below for Department.

To add your answer options, select the + button. For example, registrants can select their department: Product, Engineering, Sales, Operations, or Other.

You can also choose to automatically assign registrants to specific group(s) based on their dropdown answer.

Assigning to group(s) will allow you to further refine the attendee's experience. For example, you could easily give Groups access to different areas of your event based on their Department, such as certain Schedule Items, Materials, or Companies.

Mapping to Existing Profile Fields

You can map any response to an existing profile field. When mapped, the attendee's response will directly get added to their Cadence profile.

For this, enable Map to existing field on profiles:

Note: Premium, Premium Pro, or Enterprise License customers may also create custom profile fields. Please work directly with your Customer Success team.

Mark Question as Required

To mark a question as required, simply enable Mark question as required:

Hybrid Event Format

If your Event Format is Hybrid (Admin > Event Setup > Details)

You'll notice this question appear by default:

Registrants will be able to select whether they are attending the event in person or virtually. Feel free to make any changes you wish, for instance, assign respondents to particular Groups or remove the question altogether.

Registration List

Viewing Registrants

As attendees register, admins can see them displayed within two locations.

  1. Within the Registration List tab:

  2. Within the Attendees tab (People > Attendees):

Both lists will include any attendees who have registered via the URL and/or any attendees that you've manually added or imported into your event.

Adding Permitted Registrants (Private Registration Type: By Email List)

If you have selected the private registration type By Email List

Navigate to the Registration List tab, select the + button and add permitted email addresses:

Note: Adding email addresses here will allow these people to register for your event with that particular email. It does not automatically register them for your event.

You'll be able to see whom from this permitted list has Registered vs. Not Registered:


Below are the Registrant Statuses explained:

  • Registered = Registered attendee via URL or added manually via admin

  • Not Registered = Allowed to Register via Registration URL but not yet registered

  • Incomplete = Registration started via URL but not completed

  • Cancelled = Registered attendee, but removed from the event

  • Deactivated = Registered attendee, but deactivated user account


Visit the Referrals tab to view a list of where attendees have registered from, whether it was from the standard registration link or a referral.

If First and Last Name appear as <Not Present>, as shown below, it means that these people registered through the standard registration link.

As an admin, you also have the ability to export a report with this information, by clicking Export.

How to send unique registration/referral links?

There are two ways to send each attendee their unique registration URL to track referrals.

  1. Send directly via the Cadence platform.
    Simply insert the attribute Registration URL in your

    1. Registration Confirmation Message

      This will appear as a pop-up as soon as attendees have registered:

    2. Registration Confirmation Email and/or Welcome Email. These email templates can be edited in the Attendees tab (People > Attendees > Emails):

  2. Send from your own platform.
    Some event organizers prefer using their own platform to send communications to attendees. If that's you, you can generate and download unique registration URLs for each attendee using the download button under the Registration Site URL here:

When attendees forward their unique link to others, anyone who then signs up via this link will display as a Referral under this person's name.

Registration Confirmation Email

Upon registering, attendees will automatically receive the Registration Confirmation Email. You can edit this email template in the Attendees tab (People > Attendees > Emails):

You may also send this email manually at any point. Go to the Attendees tab and use the Bulk Actions option to send to all attendees:

If you do not wish to send to all attendees, you can select the Refine button to do a refine search - for example, by group or who has not yet accessed the event - and then bulk send the email to them only.

If you wish to send the email to a particular attendee, type the name or email of the attendee in the search field, then select the Email envelope icon belonging to this attendee and manually send them the email.

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