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Symphony - Setting up Interprefy Integration
Symphony - Setting up Interprefy Integration

An overview of how to set up Interprefy for a Symphony

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Symphony supports the integration of real-time translations with human interpreters via Interprefy.

To set up, go to your Symphony Menu. In the list view find the Symphony for which you would like to enable the integration. Click on the 'Options' drop-down button and select 'Integrations' to trigger the pop-up.

Select the Interprefy integration and click to select.

Once you selected Interprefy, a field will display that allows you to enter your Interprefy token. Enter the token and click 'Save' to complete setting up the Interprefy integration. For questions regarding Interprefy visit Interprefy FAQs.

Once you have entered information for the integration navigate back to the main screen by clicking on the 'Change Integration'.

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