Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


💚 Updated login message when an event is still in review but attendees try to access, letting them know it's not ready yet.

💚 Added an attribute option to the registration confirmation email that allows attendees to download the Event dates ICS file so they can bookmark their event in their calendars.

💚 Added display of timezone for registration responses in admin and the export to reflect the timezone set for the event.


💚 Improved security measures for collections and the content within them to ensure only the users specified can view them.

💚 Removed the city, state, country display on survey pages when viewed from the Web.

💚 Optimized the display of word cloud survey questions to ensure event organizers can present them to their audience.


💚 Removed some copy and dupe confirmation messages that informed participants when the screen is being shared.

💚 Applied a dark screen load when being redirected to breakout sessions from the main Symphony.

🐞 Fixed issue that would not redirects users into a Symphony if they joined the Symphony before it officially was marked as Live by the host.

🐞 Addressed playback issues for participants for video materials shared in a Symphony.


💚 Updated our admin login validation error message to show the company account owner email so admins can contact for assistance.

💚 Updated the copy for the Instant Login Email to always show the Event information and reference the Event Company's info.


💚 Implemented the ability to link schedule tracks and live feed 'feeds' on our new Home version.

💚 Implemented a new layout and version of Home that can be switched to showing a tile design event organizers can use to link content and videos. This is not yet readily available for all events but can be set up by request.


💚 Implemented topics of interest to reflect the ones selected for the actual event and being able to select and unselect from within the banner.

💚 Updated some things within Recommended Connections allowing profiles to be hyperlinked and adding a Connections tab that was already available in profile view.

Event Onboarding

💚 Made improvements to the Topics set up in Admin including the ability to update and customize the onboarding text copy.


💚 Implemented the ability to show custom drop-down fields in Profile edit mode on web.

💚 Added a static deep-link to a user's profile page.

Event Management

💚 Added validation messages and warnings when an admin tries to switch the event time zone to another to alert them what does and doesn't get updated with this change.


💚 Added the ability to view followers of any Collection within the admin view.


💚 Made updates to the Schedule item descriptions within the list view.


💚 Implemented a new design for our error message using a rather adorable puppy dog.

Live Feed

🐞 Addressed some logic that prevented images from pulling in from linked Twitter hashtag posts.


🐞 Fixed an issue that would not allow users to select only one refine option from one of the refine filters.


🐞 Addressed issues users experienced with smaller screen sizes and not being able to expand the left-hand menu.


🐞 Addressed an issue with notifications not pulling in the custom set color themes when applied per menu feature.

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