Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


💚 Added a Recommended tab within your Connections view that will provide you a list of attendees with which you share the same topics of interest and allows you to connect with them from this view.

💚 Added an Interests section within your profile view that allows you to edit your topics of interest for an event.


💚 Added a banner to our People list view on the web showing an attendee their topics of interest they can edit and select.

💚 Added a Recommended Connections tab to our People feature that will provide you a list of attendees that share your interest and with which you might want to connect.

💚 Updated the email preview screens when adding new attendees for both the Welcome and Registration Confirmation Email to not show the event name & date overlay over the email banner image, since we removed this overlay in a previous release from actual emails.

🐞 Addressed a layout bug for showing user profiles in list view with a little bit too much spacing.


💚 Implemented a screen state when screen sharing so you know you are on display and ready to show off.

💚 Implemented a dark mode view for the message removed copy within the Messaging feature of Symphony.

💚 Improved the view bar options by introducing a hover state also helping users to know what is selected and unselected too.

💚 Made some subtle updates and introduced a new loading spinner for the waiting screen for participants when a Symphony was not yet started.

💚 Removed the Save menu within Symphony and made updates so any notes for a presentation slide can be captured within the Notes menu.

💚 Implemented the ability to enable transcription services for a Symphony.


💚 Added some more finishing touches to Company pages such as improving copy for schedule items and people giving a preview but not showing all the copy anymore.


💚 Updated logic so that it hides Competition options for menu items that are not enabled for the event.

Live Feed

💚 Added the ability for admins to export a report for the Live Feed.


💚 Implemented our single image picker on admin when creating a new collection that will upload an image for mobile as well as web & tablet in one go.

🐞 Fixed issue that wouldn't display the 'Appears In' for Collection content for users assigned to different company accounts than what the event is assigned to.


💚 Update visibility to the Onboarding menu in admin to now be visible to admin users. They can now set up terms & conditions and topics per each event if it is enabled for their event.


🐞 Fixed an issue in admin that wouldn't allow for materials to be deleted.


🐞 Addressed an issue that wouldn't allow schedule item dates to get adjusted on the web.

Event Onboarding

🐞 Addressed cropping issues for the menu and header logos on web not appearing correctly during the cropping process in the admin.

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