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New Updates for Week of March 22nd, 2021
New Updates for Week of March 22nd, 2021

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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Please find below a list of our latest updates that are now LIVE!


πŸ’š Implemented the ability to click on any profile for a customer, speaker, or attendee to view a larger image.

πŸ’š Retired the 'files' tab within our user profiles visible only on admin and really without any use.


πŸ’š Removed the event name and date overlay over the Event image within the Welcome Email and minor copy edits to the default template.


πŸ’š Introduced a Search field option within the participant list. This comes in handy when there are hundreds of attendees.

πŸ’š Added a 'Close' button for hosts when presenting a video to participants so they can control and close the video anytime during video playback.

πŸ’š Added a workflow to alert participants when they try to access a Symphony but previously opted to block their microphone or camera. This workflow will help make the adjustments needed to use both audio and video.

πŸ’š Updated the host & moderator logic for different user types making sure everyone assigned to a Symphony can actually access and see assigned configurations allowed for their user type.

πŸ’š Improved the logic for the moderator role and provided them with the ability to show their video during a Symphony.

πŸ’š Improved color display of avatars that do not have an image visible on our participant list and messaging feature.

πŸ’š Integrated Interprefy into Symphonies which will be able to translate the Symphony live into selected languages. This feature will be available at an additional cost.

πŸ’š Improved Material uploads for PDFs within Symphony to allow uploads of files as large as 100 MB.

πŸ’š Updated the microphone user controls fly out menu to look seamless when user clicks to switch their microphone.

πŸ’š Improved the tooltip design to show a light mode that will fit better into the overall Symphony design and improve readability.

πŸ’š Updated logic so the picture-in-picture option for each participant with video-enabled now only shows when hovering over the respective participant thumbnail.

πŸ’š Added a hover state for when navigating and viewing the Participants List.

🐞 Fixed an unknown error that was shown when entering a symphony

🐞 Addressed an Error message received when participant loses connection and tries to navigate to a Symphony breakout session.


πŸ’š Updated the Schedule item form on the web now showing the user's timezone in the start and end time drop-down, but also showing the event's timezone if they are different.

πŸ’š Put finishing touches to our Schedule import process in admin adding the ability to either overwrite or adding functionality for assigned attendees and tracks. AND now opening up use to all admin users.

🐞 Fixed the calendar subscribe link within the Calendar Subscribe email linking to the subscribe pop-up.

🐞 Addressed an input issue for speakers on the new schedule item form which would prompt the user with a rather random image selection pop-up.


πŸ’š Minor update to our Leaderboard navigation display removing the white space to bring even more attention to the newly introduced background image.

πŸ’š Added the ability to hide a leaderboard so that the event organizer could still show off a competition overview without pulling in leaderboard logic.

Event Onboarding

πŸ’š Set up an Onboarding menu item within the Event Menu in Admin that contains the ability to enable topics and terms & conditions. Currently only visible to our internal teams but to be released to all admins next week.

πŸ’š Made some adjustments to the Topics set up and added instructional text for adding multiple topics in the admin.

πŸ’š Updated logic so that a user can select multiple topics at once when seeing the prompt on the web for an event.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability to add a Youtube or Vimeo video to individual company pages as an alternative to using a banner. This allows users even more branding opportunities and customization.

πŸ’š Addressed some UI fixes that came from our newest Company page updates which include the logo not showing centered.

πŸ’š Updated logic setting making sure each new competition that is set up is defaulted and set to be visible to 'All' not just to 'Participants'.

🐞 Addressed a formatting issue for Company Names not respecting capital vs lower case letters.


πŸ’š Updated the registration page to pull the logo from the registration website logo.

πŸ’š Edited the default copy for our registration confirmation email.

πŸ’š Made adjustments for our registration URL set up and labels in the Admin, which also included adding validation errors to ensure your registration URLs work as expected.

πŸ’š Updated logic that now pulls in the custom color theme if set for the event on the registration page.

πŸ’š Improved registration workflow by prompting the registration email confirmation only after the registration form was filled out to ensure attendees fill in the needed information.

🐞 Adjusted company logo alignments on the registration page.


πŸ’š Implemented the ability for Collections to live on the Events Menu in Admin and event organizers being able to build out their collections within the Event without having to add and edit Collection and Content at the Account Level.

🐞 Fixed issue when using the custom menu for specific collections not inheriting the custom color theme if it is set for the event.


πŸ’š Improved our Materials uploader to handle larger files when uploading in Admin.

πŸ’š Updated workflow when updating multiple materials in admin to show an option to assign materials to respective places (home or schedule items) in the event, this was previously just skipped and was no bueno.

Event Management

πŸ’š Improved timing of our Event Wizard screens letting you know that we are confirming and building your event.

🐞 Fixed an image cropper issue on admin that upon the first upload of an image defaulted to the wrong crop and therefore showed an error message.


πŸ’š Updated some logic and copy in our appointment invite emails so emails always output correct copy and have all the organizer and scheduler contact information you may need.

πŸ’š Updated logic so that any Symphony for Appointments will set itself live at the appointment start time if the host is not yet present.


πŸ’š Consolidated all available Symphony reporting for each Symphony into one all-encompassing report to save the admin from having to download multiple Excels pertaining to one Symphony.


πŸ’š Made some minor tweaks to the display of the Speaker profile and banner.


🐞 Fixed an issue that didn't allow users to scroll the menu when it was collapsed.

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