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Appointments - Email Overview
Appointments - Email Overview

Overview of Emails Generated for Appointments and Send Times

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Time Sent

Ability to Disable

Regular Appointment Invite

Invite Sent

Customers + Assistant, Internal Attendees + Assistant


Ask Customer Invitation

Ask Customer Invite Sent

Customers + Assistant


Invitation to Internal Attendees

Ask Customer Invite - Confirmed

Internal Attendees + Assistant

Immediately Upon Customer Acceptance

Ask Customer Response Email

Ask Customer Invite - Confirmed


Immediately Upon Customer Acceptance or Decline

Customer Acceptance Confirmation Email with Calendar ICS

Customer Accepts Email


Immediately after Acceptance

Appointment Response Confirmation

Regular Invite - Response


Immediately upon any response (accept, tentative, decline)

Invitation Follow-up

Invite - Pending

Pending Customers + Assistant, and Attendees

48 hours after initial invite (that have not responded)

Appointment Invitation Request

Appointment Invite Requested

Organizer + Scheduler

Immediately upon Request

Status Change Recap

Appointment Status Changes


Once Daily AM (Event Timezone), when response status changes occur

New Appointments Created

New Appointments Created


Once Daily PM (Event Timezone) for days when new Appointments were created

Your Upcoming Appointments Reminder

Upcoming Appointments - Internal

Internal Attendees + Assistant

Daily AM (Event Timezone), on days appointments are occurring

Customer Appointment Reminder

Upcoming Appointments

- External

Confirmed Customers + Assistant

24 hours before the appointment time

Appointment Change Notice

Date/Time/Location Change

Confirmed Attendees + Assistants, Organizer

Immediately upon change

Appointment Cancellation

Appointment Cancelled

All Confirmed Attendees

Immediately upon cancellation

Daily Recap of your appointments

Occurred Appointments Recap

Organizers and any 'Checked-in' internal attendees

Daily PM (Event Timezone)

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