💚 Updated our Symphony form design and added many useful configuration settings (eg. enable or disabling of Ask a Question, Participants List, Messaging)

💚 Implemented a proper pop-up notification when a participant is being promoted to Panelist and receives audio and video controls.

💚 Updated user profiles to enable the video and direct message functionality when within a Symphony, so all focus is on the meeting.

💚 Relabeled some of the copy for the Join Symphony pop-up message.

💚 Added a short empty state message when a Symphony has no content yet.

🐞 Fixed an issue with a user's profile pic flashing when changing between content such as video and returning to regular view mode.


💚 Added bulk actions for appointments that allows an admin to enable or disable 'Send invites' and 'Send reminders'.

💚 Updated bulk actions logic for Topics and Objectives to allow the admin to select keeping previously selected Topics and Objectives or overwriting all with the newly selected.

💚 Implemented a new setting on the admin site for Appointments that allows hiding the 'All Appointments' tab and menu for regular attendees for an event.

🐞 Fixed an issue with the export on the My Appointments tab to only export said appointments and not all appointments of the event.


💚 Corrected display of My and All Groups making sure these are capitalized.

💚 Updated our logic to only start showing our A to Z dividers if the attendee count is 60+ attendees.

💚 Implemented the ability to allow keyboard input within the Refine search field for Groups.

💚 Removed the Group tabs display from the Attendee view as we have a dedicated sub-menu item for Groups that can be enabled.

💚 Implemented a new attribute to use for an instant login button within the Welcome Email template.

💚 Made overall adjustments to the default Welcome Email template copy.

🐞 Fixed an issue that prevented admins from editing or adding Groups that had video calling enabled.

🐞 Updated logic that renames the section headers when the overall Groups menu is custom labeled to ensure uniform output.


💚 Brought back the breadcrumbs for Companies for easier back navigation.

💚 Implemented proper padding for Companies that do not select a logo for their page.

🐞 Fixed an admin configuration setting for Premium events to not show the appointments references as this is a Premium Pro and Enterprise only feature.

Event Management

💚 Updated the order of features listed when editing/adding from the Events Menu list within an event.

💚 Added the Registration Website Image to the overall Events Images section.


💚 Brought back the breadcrumbs for Collections for easier back navigation.


💚 Updated Direct Messaging to expand the list view of a user who has one or more DMs going.


💚 Added the Cadence icon for browser notifications so they are easier spotted amongst a list of many other received notifications.


💚 Improved our intermediary screen with a Download the App button when a user is trying to access an event via the instant login link sent via Email from a mobile device.


💚 Implemented a full-screen takeover that shows when a browser is being used that the Cadence website no longer supports (for example IE11).


💚 Removed the 'Read More' button for the Registration Description text.


💚 Implemented a 'secret' but cool Superadmin only setting that allows us to create a custom menu item using an embed code/iFrame.

Live Feed

💚 Removed the ability for admin users to edit anyone else's posts and only kept the ability to edit one's own posts.


💚 Added and updated some verbiage for our Event Reports listing to accommodate recent additions to these reports.


🐞 Fixed the Global Call-In link being broken within the Online Meeting Details section of a schedule item.

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