💚 Updated to new designs to match our updated Login screens when informing a user that they have no access to an event.

💚 More updates to our recent new login designs making everything look neat and clean.

💚 Updated the design and copy for our instant login email.


💚 Put finishing touches onto the updated Resources workflow and display.

🐞 Fixed some image spec discrepancies in our tooltip.

🐞 Adjusted some unnecessary white space shown when viewing company pages on a smaller browser.

🐞 Updated our appointment availability logic to make sure we always queue all possible times that company reps are available.


💚 Applied some more updates and switched fully to our new people list view.

🐞 Addressed an issue with importing excel files and system not recognizing column labels - removed that case sensitivity once and for all.


💚 Updated schedule item creation for admins to always default visibility to All attendees. For users creating schedule items logic remains that it's created just for them personally.

💚 Improved display of who is attending a schedule item to always prioritize display to an attendee that has a profile pic. It's the little things.

💚 Updated the schedule registration page to show and inform an attendee when they have been pre-registered for a schedule item.

🐞 Fixed an issue that wouldn't jump a user to the next up schedule item in your schedule.

🐞 Added validation error messaging when a Schedule Item name is entered using HTML tags, that's a no-go, sorry!


💚 Provided admins the ability to enable or disable a created registration form.


💚 Fixed some copy and moved some things around in the surveys set up options for clarity.


💚 We got rid of some competition options to pick from that were really no use to our admins anymore.


💚 Always trying to improve and we did with fixing some wording in our followed collections emails.

Account Management

💚 We added the ability to set the login options you want to offer your users you can choose login via email with a password or also offer instant email login as well.


🐞 Fixed images blocking the new message indicator in our Messanger view in Symphony.


🐞 Addressed an issue for messaging channels with a large number of participants breaking the UI and make the window no longer scrollable.

🐞 Fixed issue that when the messaging window was expanded it would still show actions from the opened page in the background over the chat window.

Event Management

🐞 Fixed some typos for our custom icons drop down within the custom menu set up.

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