💚 Updated copy for the ending of a Symphony meeting for more clarity.

🐞 Fixed an issue with typing messages, to not have a user's cursor jump to the beginning of the message field when someone else submitted a message.

🐞 Updated an issue in messaging for participants you are not connected with, showing no name or thumbnail for those users.

🐞 Corrected an error when removing panelist audio/video controls from a participant, throwing an error for that participant.


💚 Improved resource management flow and added functionality for company reps and admins to allow editing, and reordering company resources.

💚 Implemented the ability to reorder the company representatives within the admin, coming to Web soon.


💚 Renamed some header copy within our Competitions details views for more clarity and consistency.


💚 Implemented a 'Remember this browser' option when logging in using an email and password.

🐞 Fixed our logic so the login screen always shows the respective platform name.


💚 Made some updates to the new People list view, changing button color, fixing some spacing, and adding more quick messaging options when connected with another user.

💚 Removed the address field within user profiles.

Live Feed

💚 Added a column and filter within the admin for Live Feeds with multiple feeds to quickly be able to see what Live Feed post was posted in which Feed.

🐞 Fixed an issue that would throw an error message whenever a URL without HTTPS was used within a Live Post.

Event Management

💚 Updated the label for the Email image under Images for an Event and added 'Used In' information for more clarity.


💚 Moved the survey images you may select to the details tab within the survey set up in the admin.


💚 Removed visibility of the email field for speaker profiles for privacy.


🐞 Fixed an issue on the new user or customer form available on the appointment edit screen that wouldn't allow selecting any drop-down fields.

🐞 Corrected an error that was triggered whenever a new user or customer was to be entered from the appointments edit screen.


🐞 Corrected an issue with showing some out of place carrot menu icons within the admin menu when collapsed.

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