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Symphony - Participants List Overview
Symphony - Participants List Overview

An overview on how to view and engage with your participants list in Symphony

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Within Symphony, there will be a menu item on the right called Participants List. This is where you will see all Participants that join your Symphony meeting. As a Host and/or Admin, you will have a variety of options for engaging with the participants.

Promoting a Participant to a Panelist
(Enabling & Removing a Participant's Video & Audio)

For participants, you will see a three dots icon to the right of their name. By selecting this option, you will see the ability to Promote to Panelist. Selecting this option will promote the participant into the list of speakers with video and audio capabilities.

The participant will see the following message when you grant them video & audio:

You will receive a confirmation message before you officially grant the participant video & audio rights.

If you would like to remove the participants from the speakers area, reselect the three dots option and select Remove Video & Audio.

Mute Everyone

If you have multiple hosts/panelists with audio enabled, you may select Mute Everyone, which will mute everyone besides yourself.

Hide All Videos

If you have multiple hosts/panelists with video enabled, you may select Hide All Video, which will hide everyone's video besides yourself.


If you would like to share the link to join your Symphony meeting, select the Invite option, which will copy the Symphony URL for you to share.

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