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Compete (Admin Overview)
Compete (Admin Overview)

An admin overview for creating & setting up your competitions

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You can engage your audience at your event by leveraging competitions that spark a competitive energy amongst your attendees.

To create and manage your competitions, visit your event in the admin site and select the menu item Compete, then select competitions.

You can create a competition by selecting the + button to the right of the Compete section header.

You will be brought to the form to create your new competition.


Enter the name of your competition here.

This is how it will appear to the attendee:


Enter the description for your competition. This is where you'll provide an overview of the game for the attendees.

Scoring Details

Enter how scoring will work for the competition.

This is how it will appear to your attendees.

Leaderboard Type

Decide whether you're competition will be an individual or team based competition.

# of Entries on Leaderboard

If you would like to display a specific number of leaders on the leaderboard vs. all participants, utilize this option.

Competition Duration

If you'd like to determine when scoring should begin and end, utilize this option.

Competition Image

This will be the image for the competition that displays in your event website and within your event in app.

This is how it will display to your audience:

Leaderboard Image

You may fully brand the Leaderboard website background as well. Upload or select your image from Unsplash using this field

This is how it will appear to the audience:

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