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Speakers - Creating & Managing Speakers (Admin Overview)
Speakers - Creating & Managing Speakers (Admin Overview)

An overview on adding & managing your list of event speakers

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For your event, you are able to highlight all speakers within the Speakers menu item. Your speakers may also be associated with your schedule and linked to your Home screen and Notifications.

You will be able add new speakers from your admin site, event website or app.

Adding Speakers from Admin Site

My Account - Speakers

In your admin site, you have your overall account and each individual event. At the account level, you may manage your list of speakers across events.

Select the + button to add a new speaker to your account listing of speakers.

You will be brought to the new speaker form.

You will be able to fill out their profile photo, First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Company, City, Country, Biography, and Social Media Links.

Event - Speakers

Within your event, you will find the ability to add speakers. Visit your event in the admin site, select People in the menu, then select Speakers.

To add a new speaker to your event, select the + button to the right of the speakers header.

You will have two options available to you when adding speakers, which are creating a new speaker that will add the speaker to your account library as well or the most common option, which is selecting from your list of previously created speakers, attendees or customers.

Select Create Speaker if you are not selecting from a previously created speaker or selecting from an attendee or customer to make a speaker.

Select from Speakers

The Select from Speakers option will bring up a list of speakers, attendees and customers to choose from or search for.

If your speaker will be an attendee of the event, this is the best method of adding the speaker as all their profile information will carry over.

Reordering the list of Speakers

You may change the display order of your speakers by using the icon to the left of the speaker.

Adding Speakers from Event Website

Visit the Speakers menu item

Select the + button to the right of the speakers header.

You will be brought to the Add Speaker form.

Adding Speakers from App

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