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People - Groups (Admin Overview)
People - Groups (Admin Overview)

An overview of setting up your groups for event management and connecting your attendees

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You may create groups for your event for two main purposes.

1. Creating and using groups for event management purposes. Your entire event is built so that you may define what's visible to ALL attendees, specific groups and/or specific attendees.

2. Displaying Groups to all attendees for the purpose of visibility and connecting your audience.


Importing Groups

You may import in your list of Groups. Visit your event in the admin site, visit Event Setup, then select Imports from the menu.

You may select Download Template to download the Groups import excel template.

Adding an Individual Groups

You may add your Groups one by one by visiting your event in the admin site, selecting People from the menu, then selecting Groups.

You may then add each group by selecting the + button to the right of the Groups header.

New/Edit Group Options

You may give your new group a Name, then you'll have the following options:

For Administrative Use Only

Selecting this option will ensure the group only displays to admin users, not to attendees. This is the best method for creating groups for event management purposes only.

Compete Group

Selecting this option will automatically make the group available as a Team in Competitions

Adding Users to Groups

Visit the Users tab to view all users that are part of the group. You may select any user to see their profile, use Bulk Actions to remove users in bulk, or Export the users into an excel file.

Tap the + button to add a new user individually, add multiple via email address or remove multiple attendees from the group via email address.

Automatically Creating Groups from Registration

You may work with the Cadence team to have Groups automatically generated from your registration form. This can be achieved when using Cadence's event registration or any 3rd party registration platform.

Automatically Creating Groups from Surveys

You may work with the Cadence team to have Groups automatically generated from any attendee survey you create within Cadence.

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