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People - Adding Attendees (Admin Overview)
People - Adding Attendees (Admin Overview)

An overview on adding attendees to your event through registration, imports and manually adding individually or by bulk

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This article will provide you an overview on adding attendees to your event, which will then lead into you officially bringing them into your event experience.


Visit Attendees in your event on the admin site. Tap the + button to the right of the Attendees header.

Upon selecting Add People, you will be brought to the following screen:

On this screen you will be able to add users or groups, paste in emails for bulk adding or import your attendees into your event. All of the above methods will pre-register your attendees for your event.

Search Users

Enter in an attendees Name or Email. If the attendee already exists within your account Users, they will display in the search results.

Search Groups

Enter in a Groups name. If the Group already exists within your Account Groups, they will display in the search results.

New Users or Groups

If they do not yet exist, you will see Add as a new user option. Select that option and you will see the following screen:

Enter their Email Address or Name, whichever was not filled out originally, then select the checkbox icon in the actions column on the right.

Paste-In Emails

You also may bulk add attendees through Paste-in Emails. This screen will allow you to bulk paste in email addresses to add attendees. This function is mostly used when you've received an excel list with users already part of your account.

Importing Attendees

One of the most traditional methods of adding attendees is through an attendee import. This is used when your attendees do not require registration, such as for an internal company event or when your attendees have already registered through a 3rd party registration platform, such as EventBrite, Cvent or Splash.

Upon selecting Select From Import Options, you will see this screen:

Here's an example of the Excel Template download:

Import the attendee list and you'll be brought through a nice import wizard process.

Communication Options

After adding your attendees, bulk adding via email or importing in, you can select Next and be brought to the communication options screen as you see below. You may immediately extend the welcome email to them or add them without sending the welcome email in case you want to wait to send.

Hiding Attendees

Once attendees have been added, you can "hide" their profile. This will put this attendee in "ghost-mode", where they will not display within the event. Look for the middle icon (eye) to the right of each attendee listed.


You may create a registration website to share with your audience. Here's our Registration (Admin Overview) article.

Upon registering, they will receive the Registration Confirmation Email providing them access to your event via the event website, iPhone/iPad app and/or Android app.

You may send this email at any point from the Attendees section of your event in admin. Either use the Bulk Action option or select the Email icon to the right of any attendee to manually send them an individual email.

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