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People - Accessing Your Event (Admin Overview)
People - Accessing Your Event (Admin Overview)

An overview on how attendees can access and log into your event

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Registering from Website with You've Registered Email

You may create a registration website to share with your audience. Here's our Registration (Admin Overview) article.

Upon registering, they will receive the Registration Confirmation Email providing them access to your event via the event website, iPhone/iPad app and/or Android app.

You may send this email at any point from the Attendees section of your event in admin. Either use the Bulk Action option or select the Email icon to the right of any attendee to manually send them an individual email.

Invite Email

You may distribute your registration website through any channels you prefer, such as social media, on your own website, in email campaigns. However you may also send directly from Cadence by sending an Event Invite Email.

Visit your Attendee list for your event in the admin site:

Tap the + button and select Invite People:

The first screen you'll see provides all the methods of adding people to invite:

Choose your preferred method of adding people, then select Next. You will be brought to the screen where you may customize your invite message.

Once ready, select Send Invite. Your added attendees will receive the event invite email, which links to your event registration website.

Welcome Email

If your attendees are pre-registered through a 3rd party event registration website or your attendees do not need to register, the Welcome Email is the best method of bringing your audience into your event.

Visit Attendees in your event on admin. You may select Bulk Actions Send Welcome Email or send the Send Welcome Email individually by attendee.

Bulk Actions - Send Welcome Email

Individual Attendee - Send Welcome Email

Your attendee will receive the following email providing them access to your event website and event within the iOS and/or Android app:

You may fully customize this Welcome Email. In the Attendees section of your event on admin, there is a tab called Emails. Here you'll be able to fully customize the email including with merge fields from within your event. These are called Insert Attributes.

Sharing Your Event Website or the Cadence iTunes & Android App Links

Once your attendees have registered or have been pre-registered via adding attendees individually, by Add Multiple or via import, you may also simply share your event website, iOS app store link or Google Play store link to Cadence to your attendees. With login via email, your attendees are able to simply enter their email address, confirm their email address and they immediately have access to your event.


Users that create Cadence accounts have two primary account creation options. They are through creating a password with their email address or simply confirming their email to access the platform.

Email & Password

Upon creating an account, they may enter their email address and set their password.

Login via Email

The other method, which is the preferred method is that the user simply confirms their email address. This method is preferred as the user does not have to create a password for yet another platform and more importantly, it ensures that they are confirming it is them accessing your event, rather than sharing their email and password.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The majority of our enterprise/corporate customers utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) for employee authentication, then use login via email for all external partners.

Contact us if you'd like SSO applied to your account.

2-Factor Authentication (Coming Soon!)

Want one level deeper in security best practices, have 2-factor authentication applied to your account so that attendees must also confirm the code received to their email or phone to gain access to your event.

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