You may create event registration sites directly from within Cadence. To begin, please visit your event in the admin site, navigate to People in the menu and select Registration.

You will see the screen above when you visit Registration. Select Enable Registration to begin. The following form will display and you may begin building!


Enable Event Registration

As you have selected Enable Registration from the previous screen, your registration is now enabled. If you ever want to remove your event registration website, you may uncheck this field.

Event Name in Registration URL

By default this will apply your event name here. However you may further refine the event name if you'd like.

Attendee Capacity

If you'd like to set an attendee capacity for your event, please enter it here. Once capacity is reached, the Register option will now display as Registration Closed.

This is what a prospective attendee will see when the capacity has been reached:

Registration Close Date/Time

If you would like to apply a specific date & time that you would like your registration automatically closed, apply it here.

This is how it will appear for prospective attendees that visit your registration page:

Close Registration

If you would like to immediately close registration, select this option. You may also turn off Enable Registration, but then your registration URL will no longer be active.

Support Custom Registration URL

Use this option if you'd like the Register button to redirect to another URL, such as a TypeForm URL or a payment processing form.

Remove App Details below Register Button

In the virtual space, a few event organizers have asked for the ability to remove the app details to funnel their attendees only to the desktop web experience. If you are one of those silly individuals as well, select this option.

The event registration site will now look like this:

Registration Website Image

Use the Registration Website Image field to apply your beautiful, awe-inspiring registration image. You may select from our Unsplash integration or create your own image to upload. Here's the article on images.


You may also create a custom registration form for when the attendee selects Register from your registration website.

To create your registration form, visit the Registration Form tab:

You may add questions to your registration form. To do so, select the + button to the right of the Questions header.

You will be able to select from three question type (Short Text, Open Response & Dropdown). We will be adding many more shortly. We'd love to hear what fields would be most helpful for you!

Text Field

Examples would be First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, City, Country as examples.

Free Response

This is the ideal question type for longer response answers. Examples would be "What are you most excited about for this event?", "What was the last event you attended? Tell us why you liked or disliked the event"

Dropdown Options

Dropdown question type will allow you to enter answer values. Examples would be such as below for Industry where I want to create a series of dropdown options to select from.


You can select the Map to existing field on profiles option so that when a registrant completes the question, it will add that information directly into their profile. This is incredibly helpful for Phone, Title, Company, and Social Media Links.


As attendees register, they will display within two locations for you. Here in the Responses tab.

They will also display within Attendees now. However Attendees will also display any attendee you've manually added or imported into your event.

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