Starting with a Premium license, you may enable Tracks for your event. Tracks are used to categorize or segment your Full Schedule by all the wonderful different topics or themes of sessions that will be occurring at your event.


To enable Tracks, visit your admin site, visit Schedule and select the Options tab.

Once you've selected Enable Tracks, a new tab will display in your Schedule called Tracks.


To create a track, select the + button to the right of the tracks tab header.

You will be brought to this form to create a track:


Use the Name field to enter your Track name.


Use the color field to select your color or enter your color value.

Visible To

Use the Visible To field to determine whether the Track is visible to All attendees, specific groups and/or specific attendees.

You may also make Tracks even easier to access for your attendees by adding them into your event Menu.

Visit Event Set-Up in admin, visit Menu, edit the Schedule menu item to bring up option to add tracks to your Menu.

These Tracks will now display in the menu within your event for your attendees.


You may also send out notifications to your audience linking them directly to the Track in Full Schedule.

Visit Notifications in your event on admin, in the Link To field, you'll see the ability to select Menu Items. Selecting Menu Items will display each Track you have added to your Menu.

Here's how the Notification will appear for your audience:

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