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Schedule - Schedule Items - Materials (Admin Overview)
Schedule - Schedule Items - Materials (Admin Overview)

An overview on distributing Materials for your Schedule Items

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For each and every schedule item, you have the option of assigning and distributing Materials.

To begin, visit your preferred schedule item and navigate to the Materials tab:

To add a material, select the + button to the right of the Materials tab"

A form will pop-up allowing you to either Select a material from your account material library or Create a new material to add to your account/event.

Select a Material

Select a material will search for all materials that are associated with your account. You may always manage your main content library here. You will be able to search for the material, rename it if you'd like and determine when you'd like it released.

New Material

Creating a new material will allow you to upload a file or enter a website. Upon adding, it will add this material to your content library. You will enter the material name and determine when you'd like it released.

Advanced Settings

You may tap Show Advanced Settings to see the following two options:

Hide Material from Materials section

Use this option if you'd like the Material to be displayed on the schedule item details screen, but not in the Materials section.

Passcodes to Access Materials

Use this option if you'd like to enter a passcode that attendees will need to enter in order to access the material.

Here's how it looks to the attendee:

Materials Listing Options

There are a few additional options to you once you add your material to the schedule item.

Visible To

This is where you can define if the material is available to All attendees of the schedule item, specific groups and/or specific attendees from the schedule item.

Editing the Material in your Main Material Library

Select the eye icon to open the Edit Material screen from your main material library rather then the Edit Material from your schedule item.

It will bring you to this screen in admin:

Sending a Notification

You may select the Manage Push Notification option to easily send out a notification to the attendees of the schedule item that a new material has been released.

This is how the Notification appears for the attendee:

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