💚 Added the ability to initiate a video chat from direct messages within your Messenger if you have a Zoom or Webex integration.

💚 Completed some more beautifications of our messenger such as making it easier to create a private channel and directly invite others.

🐞 Fixed a silly system error message when creating a new channel.

Event Registration

💚 Removed footer App download links from our Registration pages as to not mention them twice. We don't want to be repetitive.

💚 Implemented the ability to build and add a custom registration form for your event via the admin site. The form will trigger after a user registered on your public registration page and it allows you to ask your attendees' important questions and help you plan even better more customized experiences.

🐞 Fixed an issue with App download links not redirecting to the custom added App links if provided.


💚 Improved the navigating for hosts when moving their cursor over the content area, the system panel now displays more easily and intuitively.

💚 Added a status column and refine filter to indicate if a Symphony has 'Not Started', is 'Live', or already 'Ended'.

🐞 Fixed an issue that when Co-hosts were enabled it disabled participants from the view.

🐞 Fixed and updated copy for a system error when enabling audio/video.

🐞 Moved the 'Questions' menu item below the 'Presentation' menu item. Priorities!


💚 Added a follow/ unfollow button on the Collections list view to make it even faster to select all the content that interests you the most.

💚 Updated the copy for the Collections Follower email to be more coherent and easily digestible.

💚 Removed the (+) button for users, preventing unwanted uploads into an event's curated collections.

🐞 Fixed an issue with the Follow button in Collections on the My Company level that on rollover was not displaying text in white.


💚 Update the create/edit schedule item form for users by hiding the ability to enable the registration toggle and preventing them to add others to their personal schedule item.

💚 Worked on some improvements to our Zoom/Webex integration logic when schedule items are edited 15 minutes before a meeting or after they have been started.

🐞 Fixed our speaker avatars having 2 different sizes for the border-radius on the schedule items list view.

🐞 Updated email copy for when your company's calendar subscription is set to subscribe via the Google Calendar to also make sure it mentions Google and nothing else.

🐞 Fixed the Google Calendar subscription to show the proper Calendar Name when subscribing.


💚 Update our home logo to support images with a width of up to 400 pixels.

🐞 Fixed another rather mysterious error message that appeared for notifications linked to deleted menu items.

Live Feed

💚 Added an option for @mentioning when creating a new live feed post or replying to one.


💚 Updated highlighting display for sub-menu items slightly, less is more.


💚 Updated navigation of user-profiles, so when you click anywhere on your profile it now opens up your details page and from there you can opt to edit or log out.


💚 Corrected some logic and updated an error message when importing users from a different company to your event, allowing you to add them without changing any of their user information.

💚 Added the ability for attendees (Email) - Conflict Email - Ability to Disable


💚 Updated the appointments import to auto-set the location for virtual events to the Zoom or Webex integration when available. One less thing to worry about setting yourself.


🐞 Due to some Chrome browser updates, we had to correct our (+) option globally on our feature pages, as they got slightly misaligned, or as our CEO would say 'they looked drunk'!


🐞 Removed breadcrumb navigation within companies, as it caused more confusion than clarity to our users.


🐞 Fixed the issue that prevented a deep linked online meeting URL from opening the direct link.

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