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New Updates for Tuesday, October 27, 2020
New Updates for Tuesday, October 27, 2020

An overview of this week's web and admin updates

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πŸ’š Added scrolling to the Profile image upload screen to help users with zoomed-in browsers when updating their images

πŸ’š Implemented ability for users to select or create Topics of Interest when Onboarding to our Platform


πŸ’š Updated logic when joining or leaving a breakout room for the countdown prompt to begin even if a participant is in a different tab

πŸ’š Added hover states for participants action bar (Audio, Video, Screenshare)

πŸ’š Fine-tuned dragging and dropping behavior when assigning participants to Breakout rooms

πŸ’š Removed the ability to create and edit Symphonies from the Admin site but it is still available on Web

πŸ’š Changed Video & Audio controls to be a single state/flag between Hosts and Participants

πŸ’š Implemented some color fixes for the Video & Audio thumbnails for better visibility into each participants setting

πŸ’š Minor adjustments for participants without profile pics and increasing initials size when shown in Gallery View

πŸ’š Update copy for the Ask a Question button to just say "Present" not "Present to Participants"

🐞 Fixed an issue showing a flashing white screen when opening a survey

🐞 Fixed a grey bar appearing beneath participant videos when enabling or disabling video in gallery view

🐞 Updated for admins that join as a regular participant to not see host controls


🐞 Fixed some formatting discrepancies on our Schedule Registration Site

🐞 Fixed alignment of the Schedule image thumbnail with the Schedule name & subtitle for our Schedule List View


🐞 Fixed caching issue that continued to show the Compete Menu in Web even after it was disabled


🐞 Fixed error message showing when user tried to edit a Direct Message


πŸ’š Added some columns to our User and Attendee Import Excel including Biographies and Social Fields

πŸ’š Implemented the ability to disable the Group Sub-Menu within the People Menu

🐞 Addressed broken UI on Web for Groups with only one member

🐞 Fixed some spacing issues in the Registration Invitation Email


🐞 Fixed loading issue for Safari browser versions 14+

Live Feed

πŸ’š Added a Confirmation message when admin is deleting a Live Feed Poll Survey warning them it also deletes the Poll in the actual Live Feed


πŸ’š Implemented the ability to deep-link any Live Feed feed within a notification

πŸ’š Updated the notification export to include notifications with any status, previously it only exported delivered notifications

Event Management

πŸ’š Added an Event License Type drop-down field to the Event Details section

πŸ’š Updated logic when duplicating an event with schedule items duplicated it doesn't have Online Meeting Details enabled by default

Account Management

πŸ’š Removed the Account License field and implemented a checkbox to indicate our Enterprise accounts


πŸ’š Updated content logic and copy for our automatic Appointment Reminder Emails to provide more clarity on your immediate upcoming appointments

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