💚 Added scrolling to the Profile image upload screen to help users with zoomed-in browsers when updating their images

💚 Implemented ability for users to select or create Topics of Interest when Onboarding to our Platform


💚 Updated logic when joining or leaving a breakout room for the countdown prompt to begin even if a participant is in a different tab

💚 Added hover states for participants action bar (Audio, Video, Screenshare)

💚 Fine-tuned dragging and dropping behavior when assigning participants to Breakout rooms

💚 Removed the ability to create and edit Symphonies from the Admin site but it is still available on Web

💚 Changed Video & Audio controls to be a single state/flag between Hosts and Participants

💚 Implemented some color fixes for the Video & Audio thumbnails for better visibility into each participants setting

💚 Minor adjustments for participants without profile pics and increasing initials size when shown in Gallery View

💚 Update copy for the Ask a Question button to just say "Present" not "Present to Participants"

🐞 Fixed an issue showing a flashing white screen when opening a survey

🐞 Fixed a grey bar appearing beneath participant videos when enabling or disabling video in gallery view

🐞 Updated for admins that join as a regular participant to not see host controls


🐞 Fixed some formatting discrepancies on our Schedule Registration Site

🐞 Fixed alignment of the Schedule image thumbnail with the Schedule name & subtitle for our Schedule List View


🐞 Fixed caching issue that continued to show the Compete Menu in Web even after it was disabled


🐞 Fixed error message showing when user tried to edit a Direct Message


💚 Added some columns to our User and Attendee Import Excel including Biographies and Social Fields

💚 Implemented the ability to disable the Group Sub-Menu within the People Menu

🐞 Addressed broken UI on Web for Groups with only one member

🐞 Fixed some spacing issues in the Registration Invitation Email


🐞 Fixed loading issue for Safari browser versions 14+

Live Feed

💚 Added a Confirmation message when admin is deleting a Live Feed Poll Survey warning them it also deletes the Poll in the actual Live Feed


💚 Implemented the ability to deep-link any Live Feed feed within a notification

💚 Updated the notification export to include notifications with any status, previously it only exported delivered notifications

Event Management

💚 Added an Event License Type drop-down field to the Event Details section

💚 Updated logic when duplicating an event with schedule items duplicated it doesn't have Online Meeting Details enabled by default

Account Management

💚 Removed the Account License field and implemented a checkbox to indicate our Enterprise accounts


💚 Updated content logic and copy for our automatic Appointment Reminder Emails to provide more clarity on your immediate upcoming appointments

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