• 💚 Renamed 'Schedule at a Glance' to 'Full Schedule'. We will also automatically enable 'My Schedule' and 'Full Schedule' as soon as you enable a Schedule Item to be visible in 'Full Schedule'.

  • 💚 We added the ability to create (+) Schedule Item from the 'Full Schedule' page on Web, which will also have "Enable Registration" enabled by default

  • 💚 Provided event organizers the ability to rename the Tracks and Locations labels in admin to better fit their event needs

  • 💚 Added a consistent rollover state for our schedule list view to help users see where they are navigating

  • 💚 Updated logic in that when a user is assigned a schedule item it directly adds the online meeting info as well without having to first click on the Add/Register button

  • 🐞 Fixed issue that would not allow admins to trigger an 'Ask a Question' notification

  • 🐞 Fixed schedule items not displaying tracks when no color was selected for tracks

  • 🐞 Fixed a loading issue that would show the 'Refine' filter expanded for a split second

  • 🐞 Fixed Ask Questions for Schedule items not showing on admin


  • 💚 We implemented a dedicated and new Groups List UI. Now all groups have their own sub-menu item which provides more visibility and you can even start Group Video Chats

  • 💚 Updated our User and Attendee import templates so all reflect the same columns you could possibly import to our system

  • 💚 Updated some copy and added a tooltip when importing users of a different company to provide clarification to event organizers

  • 💚 Made additional UX Improvements to the Add People workflow to further assist event organizers with a seamless process when trying to add attendees to their events

  • 💚 Made some more UI updates to the Welcome Email for an Event that an event organizers can edit and use as it best suits their event

  • 💚 Added additional import columns to our user and attendee templates to allow Biography and Social Platform imports


  • 💚 Added controls for the Host to hide all videos

  • 💚 Updated message to users when they get disconnected from a Symphony when they already are participating in same Symphony

  • 🐞 Made some hover-click-drag fixes for Breakout room assignments

  • 🐞 Fixed surveys that are completed to not link out to a results screen

  • 🐞 Fixed entire page scroll when sharing PDF Material


  • 💚 Provided Admin users the ability to set Bonus points for survey competitions

  • 💚 Polished up some UI fixes for our newly released Compete on Web


  • 💚 We now support @mentioning of people, schedule items, materials on Messaging on Web


  • 💚 Renamed Materials to Resources as it seemed to better describe this section.


  • 💚 Updated the registration URL from displaying the entire long link and added a nice copy button in admin

  • 💚 Updated some copy on our Registration Confirmation Email to provide better info

  • 🐞 Corrected some spacing issues on the Event Invite Email


  • 💚 Increased the max characters and added a validation error for the Speaker's 'Title' field


  • 💚 Updated our admin user profiles to show all possible fields we also show on app and web


  • 💚 Updated the copy for our appointment invite emails to provide more clarity to all invited attendees

  • 💚 Updated our email templates to always include any assistant emails (if they are added for internal users or customers) into the CC field of your email.


  • 💚 Added some copy to our Resend magic link email to make sure you know it's only usable once and it expires within 24 hours

Account Management

  • 💚 Moved some fields in Company Details to Platform Details, as they just seem to fit in perfectly there

Live Feed

  • 🐞 Corrected a scroll Issue on our page that created some header and button overlap

  • 🐞 Updated logic when the Live Feed is set to be specified in the Menu that not all users will see a Live Feed widget


  • 🐞 Removed the logic that required City to be input when creating a custom location for an event on admin


  • 🐞 Fixed a validation error from showing when a user clicked on notification with a deep link to a schedule Item

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