Creating a Custom Cadence App for your Internal App Catalog

Deploy Cadence via your Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform

Cadence can be deployed to your organization’s MDM to give access to it via your internal app catalog. Unlike the Apple App Store or Google Play stores, an MDM allows you to restrict access to only those within your organization or a specific group of individual in your network.

Deployment processes vary depending on your MDM provider. The Cadence team can help deploy in a way that conforms to your own MDM tool, policy and procedures.

Supported MDMs

MobileIron, AppTec360 Enterprise Mobility Management, Baramundi Management Suite, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus, SOTI MobileControl, Citrix XenMobile, IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune, VMware AirWatch, Others.

Enabling Push Notifications with your custom iOS Cadence app

To enable Push Notifications for your custom iOS Cadence app, you must create an APNs Certificate through Apple and supply the certificate to Cadence.

Steps to Create your APNs Certificate

1. Open Certificates in your Apple Developer portal at

2. Click the Plus Sign next to Certificates

3. Within Services, select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production) then click Continue

4. Select the custom Cadence App ID then click Continue

5. Upload your Certificate Signing Request (CSR). For info on creating a CSR here

6. Download the resulting APNs certificate (.cer file) and open it in Keychain Access

7. Right Click on the certificate in Keychain Access and Export it as a .p12 file and enter a password that will be use to decrypt the file for installation

8. Send the exported .p12 file along with the password to your integration contact at Cadence for it to be installed.

Premium Pro and Enterprise Only ($$$)

Custom domains are only available for Premium Pro and Enterprise Cadence plans. To request a demo or learn about upgrading your existing account, contact us to schedule a demo to learn more.

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