Using a Custom Domain

Access Cadence Web directly within your own domain

You have the option of running Cadence directly through a subdomain within your organization’s website or as a dedicated custom domain.

For example, if your organization is on, Cadence can be integrated into a subdomain such as or, or you can run it behind a dedicated domain such as

Steps to integrate Cadence into your domain

• Decide on the subdomain or dedicated domain that you will use. If using a dedicated domain be sure to register it with the service your organization uses for domain registration.

•Decide if you would like Cadence to issue the SSL certificate (via Let's Encrypt) or if your organization would like to purchase one yourself.

• If you require it to be issued from your end Cadence will provide an Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with the required values from our servers which the SSL certificate will be based on which you will then hen provide back to Cadence.

• Communicate the above two items to your integration contact at Cadence.

• Cadence will add the domain/subdomain and SSL configuration to your account then communicate back to you the IP address that you will use in the final step.

• In your Domain Name System (DNS) settings, create an A record for the subdomain or dedicated domain and point it to the previously provided IP address.

Premium Pro and Enterprise Only

Custom domains are only available for Premium Pro and Enterprise Cadence plans. To request a demo or learn about upgrading your existing account, contact us to schedule a demo.

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