Connecting your domain to Cadence

Using a Custom Domain

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Access Cadence Web directly within your own domain

You have the option of running Cadence directly through a subdomain within your organization’s website or as a dedicated custom domain.

Required steps to integrate Cadence into your domain

Step 1 - Choose a domain

Decide on the domain or subdomain that you will use. If using a dedicated domain that you don't yet own, be sure to register it with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap or your preferred domain registrar.

Examples of Custom Domains


Domain Example


Subdomain (recommended)

Root Domain


Note on Domains: To use a custom domain, it is important that you do not have other content on the domain. For example, if your marketing website is at, you should use a subdomain such as or purchase a separate domain.

Step 2 - Update your DNS

DNS Updates - In your Domain Name System (DNS) settings, you will need to have your domain administrator create one of two records for your domain:

  • CNAME record (preferred) - This should be used for subdomains and when it is an option for root domains with your DNS provider.

    • The record should point to:
  • A record - When CNAME records a not an option for root domains with your DNS provider.

    • If an A record is necessary, contact your Cadence Customer Success Manager and we'll provide the necessary IP address that the A record should be pointed to.

Step 3 - Let us do the rest

Let your Cadence Customer Success Manager know you've completed the above steps and we'll handle the final setup.

Note on SSL Certificates

  • By default we will supply an SSL encryption certificate (via Let's Encrypt) for your Cadence custom domain. If you prefer to use and maintain your own manually created SSL certificate, let us know and we can work with your team on configuring it.

Premium Pro and Enterprise Only

Custom domains are only available for Premium Pro and Enterprise Cadence plans. To request a demo or learn about upgrading your existing account, contact us to schedule a demo.

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