Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Calendar Integration

Integrate your organization’s Exchange service to allow insight into others’ calendar availability within Cadence

The Cadence Exchange integration is used to deliver the free/busy status of a given account in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Users’ Free/Busy status only contains the date and time of calendar items within the users exchange calendar and protects privacy by omitting calendar details such as the event name, other participants, or description.

Enabling the integration

• You will be provided an integration authentication URL

• Authenticate using an Exchange Administrator account within your organization

• Inform your integration contact at Cadence that authentication has been made

• The Cadence team will verify the integration and enable it for your account

Note: For non-publicly available exchange configurations, the Cadence team will work with your IT department to configure your Exchange Integration.


When integration with your Exchange, Appointment scheduling will check the free/busy status of any individuals within your organization to see if they're available during your selected time.

Enterprise Only Feature

The Exchange Integration is only available for Enterprise Cadence plans. To request a demo or learn about upgrading your existing account to Enterprise, contact us to schedule a demo.

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