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Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Calendar Integration
Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Calendar Integration
Integrate your organization’s Exchange service to allow insight into others’ calendar availability within Cadence.
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The Cadence Exchange integration is used to deliver the free/busy status of a given account in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Users’ free/busy status only contains the date and time of calendar items within the user's Exchange calendar, protecting privacy by omitting calendar details such as the event name, description, or other participants.

Enabling the integration

  1. You will be given a Microsoft integration app authorization URL.

  2. Provide this URL to a Microsoft Administrator within your organization so they can authorize the app.

  3. Have a Microsoft Administrator create a dedicated user with only free/busy access to other user’s calendars (this is generally the default) to act on Cadence’s behalf when reading free/busy time. The username for this can be anything, a basic example is

    • Why? This dedicated user is necessary as Microsoft doesn't provide an option for applications to request a scope as limited as viewing user's free/busy status, so installing the app for a standard user would give the application more access than necessary.

  4. Inform your integration contact at Cadence that the organization authorization has been completed and provide them with the integration user credentials.

    • Why? This integration was built with private/VPN-required Exchange access in mind so can't currently persist a connection via standard user-granted OAuth and instead periodically re-connects via the stored credentials (still using OAuth).

  5. The Cadence team will verify the integration and enable it for your account.

What the integration actually accesses

The Cadence Exchange Integration Microsoft app uses Microsoft Graph to access the minimum possible data for this calendar free/busy integration to function. This includes the following two permissions:

  • User.Read – This simply lets the integration read the authenticated user’s profile, which is the baseline level of access for any Microsoft Graph integration.

  • Calendar.Read – This is what allows the integration to view free/busy status for the users that are having appointments booked within Cadence. Since the integration authenticates with a dedicated user that has only free/busy read access, the integration inherently only views the start and end times of existing items, no other detail is provided from your organization to the integration.


When integrated with your Exchange, Appointment scheduling will check the free/busy status of any individuals within your organization to see if they're available during your selected time.

Enterprise Only Feature

The Exchange Integration is available for Enterprise Cadence plans. To request a demo or learn about upgrading your existing account to Enterprise, contact us to schedule a demo.

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