• Moved the countdown for the event from the right to the left side of the header and removed it from the main Home screen view on Web


  • Added a unique Ask a Question (Web) URL for organizers so they can easily share it with their participants

  • Updated the My Schedule/Schedule at a Glance Excel Export to be in users timezone, not the event timezone

  • Update visibility for Schedule at a Glance to not display online meeting details until a user adds or registers for a schedule item


  • Updated the Connection Request notification by adding a hyperlink to the user profile, so you can check out the profile before accepting/declining anything

  • Updated ability to "Clear all notifications" without having to refresh the page to see them gone


  • Added exact specifications to the Speaker image upload fields to better inform our users of what type of image you need to upload


  • Updated the Materials section to be hidden within a Company profile when no Materials have been added yet

Live Feed

  • Addressed when using a custom name for the Live Feed in the Menu that all the Live Feed post widget headers reflect the custom name you have chosen


  • Updated the copy for our Appointments Recap Thank you Email for virtual events


  • Added an edit option when viewing your profile from within the People Profile view so you can jump in faster to make your Profile edits


  • Addressed the add to Calendar drop-down being hidden behind the footer

Account & Event Management (Admin)

  • Event Attendees - Added a Refine filter that lets you check who of your attendees you have and haven't yet sent a Welcome Email

  • Account and Event Images - We renamed some image fields to provide more clarity in where you can expect your images to show on Web and Mobile

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