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Using the Cadence Zoom Integration

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When configuring a Schedule Item or Appointment with Online Meeting Details, you can add your own Zoom meeting link (or any other online meeting platform). Reach out to our Customer Success team to get started.

Premium Pro and Enterprise Accounts with Cadence's Zoom integration enabled can automatically create and schedule Zoom meetings from within Cadence without having to manually schedule and add the link from your own Zoom account.

What you CAN do with Cadence's Native Zoom Integration

Everyone that joins a Zoom meeting through Cadence's integration joins as a Participant. There is no Host role in these meetings. This means you can use all the Zoom features you normally would as a Participant, including:

  • Join a Meeting with Audio and/or Video enabled

  • Share your Screen

  • Start/Stop your own video sharing

  • Mute/unmute yourself

  • Chat with other Participants

What you CANNOT do with Cadence's Native Zoom Integration

Since everyone in the Zoom meeting is a Participant and not a Host, no Host controls are available. This includes no recording, breakouts, webinars, live polling, managing other Participants' audio or video, locking the meeting, etc.

You can view the full list of Zoom features and how they compare between roles in a meeting here: Roles in a meeting - Zoom Help Center

Zoom Meeting Size

Up to 500 Participants can join a Cadence Zoom Meeting but please be aware of the limitations above which prevent you from using Host Controls. For larger meetings, we recommend using your own Zoom account to have finer control.

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