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Event Setup - Events Team
Event Setup - Events Team

An overview on establishing the overall event organizer and event schedulers for your event.

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As you go about building your wonderful event experience for your audience, you may want to bring in a few friends or colleagues to build or review the event together.


You will be able to set the overall Event Organizer and Event Schedulers for your event in the Event Setup - Events Team section.

Event Organizer

By default you will be added as the Event Organizer for your event upon creating the event through the event wizard. The event organizer will be the point of contact for attendee inquiries along with the Event Schedulers.

Event Schedulers

Event schedulers will be able to assist you with building the event. They are admins for your event without needing to have admin access to your overall account.

Add Schedulers by Name, Email or Add Multiple to paste multiple email address.

Make sure you add them as Attendees for your event first. Here's the article for adding people.

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