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Surveys - Creating a Survey (Admin Overview)
Surveys - Creating a Survey (Admin Overview)

Everything you need to know for building a Cadence Survey

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Within Cadence, you may create Surveys, which can be used in a variety of ways. They can be created as an attendee survey, to collect event or session, feedback, to test knowledge, or to use in Live Polling for increased engagement.

My Account - Surveys

Surveys exist at the account level. To access, visit the admin site, expanded the menu and select Materials from the menu. Within Materials will be Surveys.

In the list of Surveys, you'll be able to search and refine the list of Surveys created. The listing will always display the survey Name, # of Questions, when it was Last Modified and the provide you with all available actions in the Actions column.

Creating a Survey

To create a new survey, select the + button to the right of the Surveys header.

You will be brought to the New Survey form.

Survey Name

This will be the name of your Survey in your library of surveys. You will be able to change the Display Name whenever you assign it to specific sections of your event.

Instructional Text

If your Intro Screen is enabled for your survey, this is where your Instructional Text to the attendees is entered.

Question Labels

if you'd like labels added to the front of your questions, such as A. B. C. or 1. 2. 3., select Alphabetical or Numerical Labels.


Results Background Image

You may apply a branded image as the background to the live results webpage of the survey.

Pro Tip: Organizers often upload the slide background image from the presentation deck being used for the session.

This is how the Results Background Image will display on your results webpage:

If you'd like to apply an image/logo to your Survey Intro Screen, upload or select from Unsplash for this image.

This is how the image/logo will display in the Survey Intro Screen.


You may set-up your survey so that each individual submission from an attendee sends an automated notification/report of the submission. Select the Notifications tab from within the survey and enter the email address(s) you'd like the automated notification sent to.

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