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An overview of the Welcome Email, editing the template and welcoming your audience into your event

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The Welcome Email within Cadence is the main method of bringing your attendees into your event experience. Event organizers may trigger the Welcome Email upon Registration by the attendees. However, organizers often want to open registration for a period of time before sending the Welcome Email.


You may send the Welcome Email in two ways.

Send to Multiple Attendees at Once

  1. Visit the admin site (

  2. Visit the People - Attendees menu item

  3. Select the Bulk Actions button in the top right to trigger the Send Welcome Email option

  4. You may use Refine to look through all options for refining the list of attendees before selecting the bulk action.

Helpful Refine Filters


-Accessed Event

-Welcome Email Sent

Send the Welcome Email to a single Attendee

Look through the attendee list, find the attendee you'd like to send the welcome email to. Then click the Email icon in the actions column on the right and select Send Welcome Email.


You may fully edit your welcome email with imagery, text and links.

In the Attendees section of the admin site, select the emails tab. You may full edit the text and include merge field information from your event within Cadence.

To adjust the logo at the top of email, visit your My Company settings to adjust. Once in your company settings, visit Images and adjust the Company Logo. This is used for the Welcome Email logo up top.

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