Symphony supports the embedding of HTML into the meeting, including embedding live video players. Some widely used player platforms include Vimeo Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Dacast.

Some of these player platforms offer additional features to let you mix between live and prerecorded content, for others that kind of mixing would need to take place using another piece of software which would then stream to the platform. Two very popular streaming tools that do this are OBS and vMix.

Below is a walk-through of embedding common live video player platforms into Symphony as well as options for broadcasting from Zoom into one of these platforms.

Vimeo Live Event

Create and start setting up your Vimeo live event (which is offered with Vimeo Premium and Enterprise subscriptions), make the event viewing privacy to either Public (if you want it to show on your Vimeo channel) or Private Link (if you don't want it to be publicly discoverable), then proceed to the Embed tab, click Event embed code, select the Fixed size option and click the Copy code button.

Back on your Cadence Event Website enter the embed code into the Symphony Form.

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For additional Vimeo Live Event specific instructions please visit the Live Streaming section of their help center.

Please note, the Vimeo video player may be blocked in some countries part of the APAC region. Any of these attendees joining will be unable to access the stream via Symphony. We recommend you test to ensure that is accessible for these attendees.

YouTube Live

Create your YouTube Live stream, go to the video's page, select Share, then select Embed and copy the code provided.

Back on your Cadence Event Website enter the embed code into the Symphony Form.

When setting up the stream within YouTube Studio, be sure you don't set its visibility to Private as that won't allow anyone but yourself to view the embedded stream.

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For additional YouTube Live specific instructions please visit the Live stream on YouTube section of their help center.

Zoom Meeting & Zoom Webinar

While Zoom doesn't provide a streaming/embeddable player itself, it does allow streaming/broadcasting from a Zoom to other locations, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. These players can then be embedded into Symphony as described above. This setup can be a great way to give your event Speakers the familiar experience of Zoom while giving your attendees the integrated Symphony experience.

Zoom Broadcast Out Options

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For additional Zoom specific instructions please visit the Broadcasting a Zoom meeting article on their help center.

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