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Schedule - Options (Admin Overview)
Schedule - Options (Admin Overview)

An overview on the options in configuring your overall schedule

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There are a variety of options available to you to configure and enhance your schedule experience for your attendees.


There are two views available to you as an event organizer, which are Image View and List View.

Image View

The default view within Cadence is image view. There is our recommended view for any event that does not have hundreds of schedule items. The imagery helps tell the story of your event and creates a connection with the topics, content, speakers and sponsors bringing the wonderful sessions to the attendees.

This is how Image View displays to the attendee:

List View

This view is great when there are over 100 schedule items and the ease in viewing as many sessions as possible is the preference for event organizers and attendees.

This is how List View displays to the attendee:


You are able to display the list of all people that have registered for a schedule item when you enable the Display Attendees Publicly option.

This is how Display People is viewed by attendees:

When the attendee taps on View All, they see this screen, which allows them to tap on another attendees profile to view and connect, further creating networking and connections:


You may enable Tracks for your Schedule by checking off the Enable Tracks option.

View the Schedule - Options - Tracks article for a full overview of Tracks at your event.


Your attendees are able to sync their event schedule directly to their Outlook or Google Calendar. View the Calendar Subscription article for a full overview on how Cadence calendar subscriptions work.

The below configuration option will allow you to define when you'd like schedule items to begin syncing and when you'd like them to stop syncing. A use case for defining when you'd like the calendar to begin syncing is when you want to send the welcome email with calendar subscription included so that your attendees can get a head start getting set-up, but your schedule is not fully finalized yet.

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