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Schedule - Schedule Items - Options (Admin Overview)
Schedule - Schedule Items - Options (Admin Overview)

An overview on the advanced configuration options available to you for each schedule item

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Here's an overview of each individual configuration option for you for each Schedule Item in your event.

Display in Full Schedule

To make a schedule item appear in Full Schedule, check off the option Display in Full Schedule.

Attendee Capacity

You may set an attendee capacity. By setting the attendee capacity, the button in Full Schedule will read Register rather than Add. If no waiting list is applied, the session will read Full.

Waiting Lists

If you'd like to open up a waiting list for attendee capacity schedule items, check off Enable Waiting List. Once the attendee capacity is reached, the schedule item will read Join Waiting List. When an attendee that's registered for the schedule item removes it from their schedule, the first attendee on the wait list is notified.

Display People

If you would like attendees to be able to see who has register for the schedule item, select the Display People option.

On the details screen of the schedule item, there will be the display of Attendees with the View All option.

Selecting View All will bring up this screen:

Enable Ask a Question

If you would like to facilitate asked questions for your schedule item, select Enable Ask a Question.

This will make the Ask a Question button display on the schedule item details screen:

When an attendee selects Ask a Question, they'll see the Ask a Question pop-up screen to submit their question.

Up-voting Questions

You may make the asked questions visible and allow for attendees to up-vote the ones that resonate the most with them.

By selecting this option, the asked questions will now be visible to attendees who may now upvote their favorite asked questions.

Anonymous Asked Questions

If you'd like the asked questions to be submitted anonymously, select the Make submitted questions anonymous option.

The Ask a Question display for attendees will now have the asked questions without the name of who submitted the question.

Enable Messaging Channel

To create a Messaging Channel for attendees to chat about the schedule item, select Enable Messaging Channel.

On the schedule item details screen, attendees will see the Open Channel button.

When the attendee selects Open Channel, it will open up the messaging chat for the schedule item.

Enable for Availability Scheduling

This option is used for when an organizer wants to pre-set specific time for when attendees are available for appointment scheduling. The most common use case is when attendees are staffing a booth at a conference, convention or trade show and the organizer wants to create the schedule item called Staffing Booth and allow for appointments to be scheduling during that time.

Disable as a Scheduling Conflict

This option is used when an organizer wants to create a schedule item, but does not want it to appear as a scheduling conflict in appointment scheduling. The most common use case is when an event has many sessions, but the primary purpose may still be for networking and appointments.

Exclude from Calendar Subscription

This option is used when an organizer wants to create a schedule item, but does not want it to sync to an attendee's personal calendar if they've subscribed. The most common use case is when an organizer is creating schedule items that are created for the purposes of blocking an attendee's schedule in the event.

Enable as Conflict in Appointments

This option is used when an organizer wants to ensure that the schedule item blocks the attendee's availability for appointment scheduling and meetings.

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