When the organizer assigns you as a person representing the company, you may edit your company profile/webpage.

Visit your company webpage as seen below:

Click on the Options button to edit your company profile & webpage:

The following are the fields of information that you may edit:

Company Logo
Image Specifications: Minimum height: 64px

File types accepted: PNG, JPG, SVG

Company Hero Image

Image Specifications: 1350x450px

Cropping Aspect ratio: 3:1

File types accepted: PNG, JPG, SVG

Images should be under 1MB in size (Try using http://tinypng.com/ to shrink your image without lowering quality)

Company Hero Video

Choose between a Youtube or Vimeo video and paste in the direct URL.

Company Name

Company Tagline

Appears over the Company Hero Image

Company Description

Company Website

Company Social Media Links

Company Resources

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