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Messaging - Public & Private Group Channels
Messaging - Public & Private Group Channels

An overview on creating and joining group messaging channels

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Private Channels

When you create a private channel, it will only be visible to yourself and anyone you invite to the channel.

Public Channels

When you create a public channel, it will visible for all attendees to see and join in on the discussion.

Channel Name & Purpose

The channel name and purpose fields are will you'll provide context for the topics of conversation within the channel.

Example may be "Favorite Moments" public channel where the purpose will be to post your favorite moments through text, photo and/or video messages.


Channel Details

In the Channel Details screen, you'll be able to adjust the channel name, purpose, invite members and show all members who are currently part of the group.

Invite Members

Selecting invite members will bring up the search field where you may search through all connections at the event.

Leave Channel

Selecting Leave Channel will officially remove the channel from your list of event channels.

Delete Group

Selecting the Delete Group will officially archive the channel for the event.

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