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Companies - Viewing the list of companies at your event
Companies - Viewing the list of companies at your event

An overview on how to view each company here at your event

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Company Groups Listing

The companies here at an event may often be categorized into Groups. Examples of groups may often be Sponsors, Partners, Vendors, Corporates. Other examples may be Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze. You may search by any Group

Click into a Group when you're ready to view the companies that are within the Group.

Companies Listing

Within the Companies menu item or within a group, you will see the list of companies.

Search & Refine

You may use the search function to search by any company name or use the refine function to filter the list of companies by the criteria you select.

Home Screen

The organizer may link to the Companies menu item or individual companies webpages from the Home screen of the event.

In Menu (Company Groups & Companies)

Company Group added to menu example:

Company added to menu example:


Companies may often be linked to through notifications sent by the event organizer.

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