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Live Feed - Best Practices
Live Feed - Best Practices

Keep your Audience Engaged Before, During, and After your Virtual Event in the Live Feed

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You want to get the attendees involved and invested in your event, and they just want to be heard. It's a match made in heaven!

Keeping any audience engaged is no easy feat, especially in the virtual event arena. Some common questions we hear from event organizers are:

  • “How do we get people talking before the event?”

  • “How do we help connect attendees during the event?”

  • “How do I prevent the conversation from fizzling out after the event?”

Our Live Feed integrates images, videos, polls, questions, GIFs, and more tools to encourage engagement.

Here are some ways to use Live Feed:

  • Welcome to the Event; welcome your attendees to the event, tell them what to expect and what to get excited about. Encourage attendees to start using the platform and post on the Live Feed to connect with other attendees. Be sure to include an image or video. A funny GIF really will draw attention.

  • Ask Questions; you can ask your attendees general questions to spark conversation or event specific questions to get them engaged. Be sure to let them know they can answer the questions with, but a video would be even better! Check out our Blog Post for some suggested questions, Look Alive! Keep your Audience Engaged Before, During, and After your Virtual Event in the Live Feed

  • Create a Poll; Polls are a great way to interact that don’t necessarily take up too much of the attendees’ time. Plus, it’s anonymous, for those who like to keep their identity hidden.

After you've got your attendees knowing what the Live Feed is and how to use it, ideally attendees will be sparking conversations and sharing moments on their own. However, sometimes the host has to keep the party going.

Live Feed Pro Tips:

  • Post Quotes, Images, & Thought-Provoking Ideas

  • Give a Shout- Out

  • Create specific group live feeds; VIP Live Feed, or employees only!

When your event is over, be sure to keep the Live Feed going. You don't want to let those connections with attendees fade.

  • Share a compilation of images or videos

  • Inquire on ways to improve for future events

For more about Live Feed, click here

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