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Notifications - Sending Notifications (Admin Only)
Notifications - Sending Notifications (Admin Only)
An overview on how to send helpful communications to your event audience
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You may send communications at any point, to any audience, to any area of your event directly through Cadence. This article will walk you through all the available options for you to send communications.

Sending Notifications

You may send Notifications either through your admin site or through your app. Sending notifications from your event website is coming soon!

To send a notification, visit Notifications in your admin site or from your app. In admin site, it's within your events menu on the left and in app, it's in your notifications list on the right hand menu. You will see the + button available to send a notification.

Notification Header

This is the header that will appear as the header in the email or as the header in the in event notification.

Notification Body

This is the body of the email or the body of the notification for the in-event notification.

This will allow you to link your notification to any area within your event.

You may deep link to any menu item or any area within any menu item, such as Schedule or specific Schedule Items, People or specific attendees, Speakers or specific Speakers, and Companies or specific Companies as examples.

For Users

Do you want to send this notification to all attendees, specific groups and/or specific attendees.

When to Send

Do you want to send the notification now or schedule for a specific date/time.

Send As

Do you want to send as an in-event/browser & push notification and/or an email notification.

Send Test Notification

Best practice would be to send a test notification to yourself and/or others to review first before sending out to the intended audience.


Save this notification to edit or send later.


Send the notification now. You will receive a confirmation message first detailing the exact number of attendees the notification will be sent to.

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