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An overview on viewing and engaging with Groups at your event

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Within your event, Groups may be displayed within the People menu item. Both in app and in web, the groups here at the event will always display in the People's menu item as tabs above the list of attendees.

My Groups

You will see your list of Groups. You may click on the list of people to view the attendees that are part of your group.

You will always be able to direct message your entire group by clicking the messaging chat icon.

If the event organizers (admins) have enabled video chats for your group, you will see the video icon displayed on your group as well.

All Groups

You will also be able to see all groups here at the event, not just the groups you're part of. You will still be able to see the list of people that make up each group to connect with each of them as well.


In web, tap the Refine button and a Groups dropdown will appear for you to select from.

In app, tap the Refine button and all Groups will display for you to tap on one or more to refine by.

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