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People - Attendees List with Search & Refine
People - Attendees List with Search & Refine

An overview on how to see whose here at this wonderful event

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When you visit People, you will see the list of all attendees, which may also include speakers as well as the people representing the companies at the event.

The list will display the person's name, title, company and profile picture when added by the attendee. You may click on an attendees name to view their profile.

Peoples by Group

You will see Groups listed as tabs above the list of people. Click through the groups in web and swipe or tap through on app.


In the search field on web and app, you may search by First Name, Last Name or Email address. The search results will refine the list in real time based upon that search criteria.


Select Refine to expand the list of refine filters available to you. The Refine filters contain Arrange By and Group Filters by default.

Arrange By offers Arrange By First Name and Arrange By Last Name by default. Additional Arrange By options may be available per each event.

Groups refine filter will allow you to select one or more Groups to refine the list of attendees by.

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