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Symphony - Managing a Symphony Meeting
Symphony - Managing a Symphony Meeting

An overview of all speaker/moderator controls within Symphony

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Symphony supports multiple formats of sessions and meetings. Symphony meetings may be video only (one on one or group based video chats), video with content (speakers presenting content), as well as just content display (pre-recorded video).

The interface is focus on two primary areas, the presentation area (video and/or content) and the Symphony menu item for speakers and participants, which may include the presentation timeline, asked questions, note taking, saved content, breakouts and participant list.


You will be able to navigate forward or back through any content using the Previous and Next Slide buttons.


Start Screen Sharing

Click the Start Screen Sharing button to bring up the ability to select which screen to share.

Choosing your Screen to Share

You will be able to select between Your Entire Screen, Application Window and the tab of your browser.

Adding Materials & Surveys to your Content Timeline


Create Material

You may select the type of content you'd like to add, then click or drop the file to upload into your Symphony meeting.

Select Material from Repository

Within Cadence there is the Materials at your account level. You may search and select any material from your account.

Embedding a Live Video Stream or Pre-Recorded Video

Enter the name of the embed and the embed HTML code. Within your streaming platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube, find the Share option and select Embed. You will then copy and paste the embed code here into Symphony.

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