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Symphony - Creating a Symphony Meeting
Symphony - Creating a Symphony Meeting

An overview of the different formats of a meeting within Symphony

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Symphony Menu Item

The Symphony menu item is only available to event admins to build their Symphony meetings that will be assigned to Schedule Items. While Symphony Meetings can be managed through the Admin website, the best Symphony creation/editing experience is in your event website.

Creating the Symphony Meeting

From your event website (not the Admin), click Symphony (Admin Only) from the menu, then select the big "+" icon to begin building your Symphony Meeting.

New Symphony Meeting


This will be the name of the Symphony meeting displayed within your Schedule

Presenter & Participant Audio/Video

You may toggle on/off the ability to view Presenter and Participant audio/video. If you are using the native audio/video of Cadence vs. streaming into Symphony, there is an unlimited number of attendees who can join the Symphony, but only 15 participants can have audio/video on at on time. The host/co-host/moderator can promote and demote anyone to have audio and video during the duration of the Symphony.

Multiple Presenters

If you'd like to add multiple presenters that may all present and control the Symphony meeting. This looks through all attendees of the event, including Speakers that have been added as Attendees.

Pre-Loading Content

You may pre-load any PDF, Video or Embedded HTML (generally for embedding a livestream or video from a service like YouTube or Vimeo).

For PDF materials, you'll be able to select whether you'd like the aspect ratio to be 16:9 or 4:3.

Image for Symphony

You may upload your own image or select from Unsplash by entering a keyword to search by.

Adding the Symphony to a Schedule Item

Once your Symphony Meeting is created, copy its URL and apply to your Online Meeting URL field in the related Schedule Item.

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