Need a public website for users to sign up? Creating a public registration allows you to have a unique registration URL for anyone to register for your event.

Note: Anyone who has access to the registration URL can gain access to your event. If your event contains private or sensitive information, we don't recommend using public registration.

How do I share my registration page?

Your public registration link can be shared anywhere. You can copy and paste it into any social media channel or add it in a welcome email to your attendees.

Anyone can send the link to another friend or colleague, should they think the event might be of interest to them. You can share to any marketing channels, email campaign, social media, or post on your website.

I have a list of people. How do I invite specific people?

Please see our article on Inviting People,

How do I manually register people?

See our article on adding people and sending a welcome email.

Which part of my Cadence registration URL can I customize?

You can customize the text after the last slash of

Note: For Premium Pro and Enterprise accounts with a custom domain, your domain will be used.

I'm close to reaching capacity! How do I close down my Cadence registration page?

You can manually disable the access registrations to prevent new people from registering within your Registration configuration settings. You can also set a maximum capacity to automatically close registration once a limit is reached.

Note: Your registration page will remain live, but new people will not be able to register.

What will people see on this page?

  • The registration page is where you get to first show off your event to anyone and everyone! The registration page will include the following

  • Event Name

  • Date

  • Location

  • Description

  • Links to download Cadence in iTunes and Google Play

  • Images beautifully telling your event story

How can I edit my registration page and its settings?

You can update your registration page via the Registration menu which will appear in your administrative site under the Attendees menu and update the following info.

  • Event details (tell them how to navigate there)

  • You are able to edit the Event Details through the main menu in the admin site under [Event Set Up --> Details] This is where you can update, Event name, date time and locations to then be reflected on the registration page.

  • Description

  • The description for the Registration page is found under the Main Menu in the Admin site under [People. --> Registration] This is where you can update the description, create the registration url (see image attached to main task) and then also Close registration manually.

  • Header image

  • The imagery can be updated in the Main Menu in the Admin Site under [Event Set Up --> Images --> Registration Website Image, Logo]

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