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Schedule - Building Your Schedule
Schedule - Building Your Schedule

An overview on how to build your personalized schedule from the Full Schedule

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Full Schedule Overview

Within your menu, under Schedule, will often be the menu item title Full Schedule. This may be renamed by the event organizer to names, such as Registration, Breakouts, Conference Schedule. The schedule items are sorted in date/time order by default. You may refine and arrange the schedule by alphabetical order. Scroll through the list of all schedule items to view which ones you want to add to your schedule.

Schedule Items Details Screen

Click on any schedule item where you'd like to view more details. The Schedule Item details screen often includes information including the description, speakers, location and supplementary materials for reference.

Adding or Registering for a Session

When you find something in the Full Schedule that you would like to add to your schedule, you may click Add or Register from the actions column.

Removing from your Schedule

If you'd like to remove any schedule item that you have added to your schedule, click Remove from the schedule listing screen or the schedule details pop-up.

Searching & Refining

As events may often have quite an extensive list of schedule items to add to your schedule, you may always use the Search and Refine functions to find the exact schedule items that are best for your personal preferences.

Featured Tracks in the Menu

The event organizer may often put the most important Tracks directly into the menu of the event. The above example demonstrates an organizer who has put each type of schedule item into the menu of the event.

Subscribe to Calendar (Syncing to your Calendar)

One of the most valuable features of the platform is syncing everything from My Schedule to your calendar on your desktop computer and devices. To do so, select the Subscribe icon and choose Subscribe in the pop up.

Selecting the Subscribe icon shows this pop-up, select Subscribe to specify which local calendar add the event.

Moving forward every single schedule item you add to My Schedule along with any Appointment you have will automatically sync to your calendar, including any schedule updates or cancellations.

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