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Schedule - Creating a Schedule Item
Schedule - Creating a Schedule Item

An overview on everything you can include within a Schedule Item

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While in your event, navigate to Schedule as indicated by the Calendar icon. Note: The schedule name can be renamed to anything that fits your event in Admin > Event Setup > Menu > Menu Item Name.

From My Schedule or Full Schedule, select + sign to create a new schedule item.

New Schedule Item Form

Each section is further defined below. Required fields are indicated with *


Images help create an emotional connection to the schedule item. You may upload your own image or select Choose from Pexels to search the available images.

Enter search criteria for the image you are looking for.

Select Upload Image to browse to your saved image. Note hover message for recommended dimensions and accepted file types.

Revert to Default to remove any existing Pexel or uploaded image.

Hero Video

Toggle on to choose one of the two available options:

  1. Embed Video

    Allows you to attach a YouTube or Vimeo video. Enter URL for location.

  2. Upload Video

Allows for manually uploading a previously created video.

Date, Start Time & End Time

Add the date, start time and end time so your audience knows what date and time that schedule item is occurring.

Name & Subtitle

Name is explanatory, but we recommend adding a subtitle to provide more context to your audience.


We recommend adding a description including the overall objectives and agenda for full visibility and understanding by the audience. Your audience will be more engaged when they come prepared to learn and discuss the topics of the schedule item.


The event organizer may have pre-selected Tracks for the event to allow for easier searching. Note: Tracks can be added in Admin > Schedule > Tracks +


Choose from My Schedule or Full Schedule.

My Schedule will auto-add this item to an attendee's schedule. Selections in drop down allows you to choose Everyone, or Specified will jump to Attendee Assignment to search attendees and add as assigned.

Full Schedule will allow attendees to view and add to "My Schedule" if they wish to attend. When Full Schedule is selected, additional attendee options appear, as further described below.

Attendee Assignment

Toggle on Attendee Assignment to enable this feature. Enter names of attendees to specify which people and/or groups should have the schedule item in their schedule. Once an attendee is added, you can View Availability to check for conflicts.

Attendee Capacity

Enter the number of attendees who can be added.

Create Registration Webpage & Waitlist

Toggle on to create a public registration page and URL. Once the schedule item has been saved with a date and time, the URL will display, which then can be shared with attendees.

Online Meeting Details

If your event is virtual or you'd like to support online meeting details for those that are unable to join in person, you'll want to enable Online Meeting Details.

Online Meeting Platform Integration

Your account may have an online meeting platform integrated. If integration exists, as you build your schedule items, it will automatically generate the online meeting link. This way you don't need to use your own licenses, or worry about generating all links manually and the links will update the date & time as you shift your schedule.

Choose the Online Meeting Service you would like to use.

Upon enabling the online meeting details, you'll be able to choose the type of online meeting as follows:


Symphony provides an all-in-one virtual event experience that is a more elevated experience. With Symphony being native to Cadence, you are able to immerse people into presentation content without sacrificing your already epic event experience.


When configuring a Schedule Item or Appointment with Online Meeting Details, you can add your own Zoom meeting link (or any other online meeting platform). Selecting Zoom will automatically create and schedule Zoom meetings from within Cadence without having to manually schedule and add the link from your own Zoom account.

Allows you to paste a Meeting Link and additional Online Meeting Details to include the dial-in information.


For this type of meeting, you can enter the Embed code.


The platform supports meeting room locations, real locations through Google or custom write-in locations.

Select a Room from the list of rooms created in Admin > Appointments > Rooms +

The platform supports meeting room locations, real locations through Google or custom write-in locations.

Enter real-world business name or address in Search for a Location field to initiate a search. If not found, select Create as custom location.


Toggle on Speakers to search and add speakers to the schedule item.

Prevent Appointment Bookings

Toggle on to prevent people from being added to an appointment during the same times.


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