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Virtual Congresses - Finding the Best Date & Time for Customer Appointments
Virtual Congresses - Finding the Best Date & Time for Customer Appointments

An overview of how dates & times for requested appointments are displayed to the customer in a non-live environment

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Ask the Customer Overview

Our Ask the Customer link was developed over the past few years to reduce the arduous back and forth that your organization and the customer experience when trying to find the best date and time for your appointments at events. The Ask the Customer link has streamlined this process allowing the customer to select the date and time that works best for their schedule. At the same time, the date & time is what works best for your team as well as the times presented are based upon the availability of the required internal team members along with the meeting room availability on-site. However, in a virtual environment that's no longer dependent on the timezone of the event location, how will the Ask the Customer link? Let's find out below!

Preferred Timezone for the Customer

Traditionally the Ask the Customer link displays the available dates & times of the attendees based upon the timezone of the event location. With Virtual Events, the Ask the Customer link automatically detects what timezone the customer is in to present the availability of times in their timezone.

Although the link automatically converts their timezone for them, the customer always has the ability to switch to another timezone if they'd like.

Upon auto-detection of timezone or selection of the timezone, if the timezone is non-US, the Time Display automatically changes to 24 hour time

Times Presented to the Customer

For live events, the times presented to the customer are based upon the available times of the required internal team members and the meeting room availability. For virtual events, the link still looks for the availability of the required team members, but now accounts for the timezones of each required team member. The system looks for availability from 7 am to 7 pm for each required team members to present the available times to the customer.


Marie Cavataio works for our company and is required for the conversation with Dr. Smith from UCSF who is our key customer. Marie is based out of NY in Eastern Time Zone whereas Dr. Smith is based out of San Francisco in Pacific Time Zone. Marie's available from 7 am to 7 pm EST. She has a company meeting from 11 am - 1 pm and time blocked in her calendar from 2-4 pm for a project she's working on. As a result, the times presented to Dr. Smith for the 30-minute appointment will be 7-8 am PST, 10-11 am PST, and 1-4 pm PST.

Automatically Generated Online Meeting Details

Once the customer selects their preferred date and time, the online meeting details are automatically generated and invites are sent to all attendees.

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