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Inside a Virtual Appointment

Everything you need to know before joining the meeting

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Inside a Virtual Appointment 

We are providing multiple online meetings rooms which will be automatically generated for your KOL appointments during the virtual congress. The online meeting details are captured in the invite sent to all attendees. These online meeting rooms will function just as your personal online meeting rooms do, but with a few exceptions noted below.

What to Expect Once You Are Inside Your Virtual KOL Appointment 🖥

  • To ensure the strongest signal, participants are encouraged to have a stable connection through WiFi

  • A secure global toll-free dial-in will be provided in invite for attendees to dial-in in the absence of WiFi

  • The online meeting link will generate a required password for all participants to join. This password will be embedded in your meeting invite.

  • Any attendee of the appointment can open the meeting - this is to ensure that the KOL is not kept waiting if the Organizer of the meeting is not on time

  • All attendees will have full access to share their desktop and present during the engagement

Important Additional Features to Note ⏱

  • Only attendees of the appointment will have access to the virtual meeting room details

  • Recording capabilities in our online meeting rooms will be disabled

  • The room will open ten minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time

  • Check-ins of attendees will take place

  • Automated appointment reminders will go out 24 hours prior to your meeting

Thank you, and have a great meeting 👍🏻 

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