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ASCO is Going Virtual, Now What?
ASCO is Going Virtual, Now What?

An overview of how Cadence navigates a virtual ASCO

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ASCO officially announced on Tuesday, March 24 that this year's congress will be fully virtual.

As the industry-leading platform for customer engagement at medical congresses, we have been prepping for this inevitability due to the unfortunate circumstances with COVID-19. We understand how unique and challenging this announcement will be to oncology companies around the world. With the importance of your work, we want to help make sure that scientific and research-based conversations can continue to go on given the circumstances. We want to help do our part in assisting your organization in any way that we can with transitioning into a virtual congress environment.

Our goal is to be able to completely streamline the complex nature of a virtual congress by making it as simple for your organization and your medical experts as possible. 

Here's how ASCO 2020 will work for your organization within Cadence:

ASCO Congress Schedule

The ASCO online schedule is synced directly in Cadence allowing your employees to build their personalized schedule. 

In addition, your organization may apply priority tracks to the congress schedule so that employees know which sessions are high priority to the organization.

As they build their schedule, it will synced directly to their Outlook Calendar. These live updates will occur if ASCO changes their schedule or adds additional session information, such as the live stream URL. As ASCO releases the live streaming links, these will be synced directly into your employees Outlook Calendars so they know exactly how to access the online sessions.


We know it may seem strange to not be there live during the sessions, but the benefit of ASCO being virtual this year is it opens the doors to have a more connected experience, viewed by a larger audience within your company. During the live sessions, all team members will be able to have a collaborative conversation through viewing the colleagues watching along with them, conversing in group messaging, and sharing their takeaways on the data being presented. Team members may also capture notes to share with each other or distill back to your organization.

Prepping your proposed list of Medical Experts to engage with

Each team will be able to import their proposed list of experts to engage with at ASCO. Cadence will inform you of the customers attending or not attending ASCO this year to better inform you of which experts to meet with. Your organization will then have full visibility in each expert that teams are looking to engage with.

View each expert profile to brush up on the biography, engagement history and company notes.

Appointments with your Medical Experts at ASCO

Cadence reduces the cumbersome back and forth you may experience with your experts in aligning the best date and time for the appointment to occur. Upon scheduling the appointment with the topics and team members required for the conversation, invites may be sent out with agreed upon a date/time or use the ask the customer feature in Cadence to allow the medical expert to simply select the time and date that best suits them. Cadence takes the complexity out of finding out people's times of availability as it is already aware of each team member's internal meetings, congress schedule and existing appointments. When the ask the customer invite is sent out, the dates and times presented to the expert will be based upon your team members' availability. Once the expert selects their date and time, an official meeting invite goes out with the online meeting details automated generated for you.

Engaging with your Audience through Live Presentations

Engage your employees and medical experts in interactive advisory, research, education or promotional activities through ASCO leading to improved engagement, deeper insights, and better participation from your audience.

Live Presentations may be used for internal meetings, virtual symposiums, virtual ad boards or medical meetings. Cadence Live Presentations are much more than your traditional didactic slides or video, the platform utilizes interactive features to drive engagement through content delivery and open dialogue helping to capture the insights that truly drive business value and outcomes. Asynchronous components, such as Material review, Asking Questions and Messaging along with synchronous interactions like live presentations or live video provide a blended learning experience that fulfills the objectives of your virtual meeting.

Material Distribution

Your organization may utilize Cadence to distribute internal materials to your employees, including pre-conference materials, core communications, scientific statements, and FAQs.

As ASCO releases materials, they will also be released in Cadence for your employees to access, such as Abstracts and Posters.

Communicating to your Employees

Key information may be distributed to your employees through email, push and/or text-based notifications to keep them informed all our congress updates, company objectives and any scheduling changes.

Reporting & Analytics

Keep informed with real-time reporting of appointments by group, global region, country and tumor area. Specific reports and analytics may be set up as automated reports to any stakeholder on a periodic defined basis.

Compliance & Security

Cadence is an Amazon AWS hosted cloud based architecture. For the online meetings generated for appointment, the configurations are set-up as:

-Recording turned off
-Generate and require password for participants
-Participants able to join before the host
-Secure global toll-free dial-in

Additional Features

-Automated check-in of attendees
-Automated appointment reminders
-Automated five minute warning for appointment ending

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