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Appointments - Appointment Options
Appointments - Appointment Options

An overview on all the helpful options available to you for your appointments

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You may choose to prioritize your appointments by Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3. Prioritization may be important if the total number of proposed requests is larger then the capacity of meetings you could schedule within your meeting rooms. Once you've prioritized your appointments, you may use the Refine filter "Priority" to filter the view by Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 appointments.


This function is typically not needed as each attendee is receiving the calendar invite when they accept the appointment request. However, if an internal colleague or external customer has said they did not receive for any reason, you may download the calendar invite and email it directly to them.


The platform offers two primary links for your appointments. One is for internal use where you may Copy Appointment Link and send it to your colleague. They will be brought directly to this appointment when they click the link. The other link is for your customer. The Copy Ask Customer Link is the link you may send to your customer so they may choose the date and time that works best for their event schedule. The times presented to the customer are based upon your internal colleagues availability and the meeting rooms available if they are selected.


Each appointment has a section called ACTIVITY. Activity displays a date/time stamp of every change of your appointment for historical visibility. It also allows each individual colleague to capture notes regarding the appointment, such as outreach or suggested agenda items like Topics or Questions to be asked during the appointment.


Any of your colleagues will be able to Request an Invite to your appointment. In order to request an invite, the employee must add the person they'd like to request an invite for, such as themselves and/or other colleagues. It is also required that they provide a reason to be extended an invite. 

Upon the request being sent, the scheduler and organizer will receive an email with the people being requested, the reason and the ability to Accept or Decline the request.

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