You can customize a welcome email which can be sent to attendees. 

For more information on sending the event welcome email, check out this Loom video.

To configure your event's welcome email. Navigate to Event Setup -> Email Templates. Here you can personalize the welcome email with important information specific to your event. 

Using Merge Fields

You can personalize the merge fields present in your welcome email by using the merge fields listed on your Email Templates page. 

For example, you can type [[FirstName]] to input the attendees name, or [[EventName]] to display your event name within the welcome email.

Sending Welcome Emails

Within your Attendees menu you can click on the email icon next to any attendees' name and select Send Welcome Email

Pro Tip: Send the welcome email to yourself first to make sure it's formatted to your liking.

Bulk Sending of Welcome Emails 

You can use the Bulk Actions button to send emails to multiple people at once. Any attendees who you've searched or filtered will be sent your welcome email. 

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