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An overview on crafting the ideal menu for your event and audience.

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To modify your event menu, please visit your event in admin, navigate to Event Set-up and select Menu.

Your menu will be pre-built based upon your creation of the event through the event wizard. Now you may further building your menu in the following ways:


You may rename your menu items by either clicking into the area where the menu name is listed. This will bring up an in-line editor:

Or you may select the pencil edit icon in the action column on the right to bring up the ability to edit the menu item, which includes Menu Item Name.


During the event wizard, you are unable to reorder your menu as we want to make it as easy and quick as possible to initially create your event. However you may now reorder your main items from this screen. Drag and drop the menu items using the reorder menu icon on the far left of the menu listing.


Each menu item may be set to be visible to ALL attendees, specific groups and/or specific attendees. To modify, click on the pencil edit icon, which will bring up the Edit Menu Item form.

Here you'll be able to set who the menu item should be visible to:

Pro Tip: It's often helpful to create an Events Team group and assign the menu items you're building out to the Events Team only. This way you may welcome your attendees in without giving access to each menu item until it's ready.


You can add a new menu item by selecting the + button to the right of the Menu header:

Enable Menu Item (Cadence Features)

Selecting Enable Menu Item will bring up the list of all Cadence features that you have not yet enabled.

Select the menu items you'd like to add to your event:

Add a Custom Menu Item

You may also add custom menu items, such as external websites, specific materials, companies, company groups, and collections.

Tap on the + button and select Create Custom Menu Item

Selecting Create Custom Menu Item will bring up this screen:

You will be able to give the menu item a name, determine what type of menu item it is, select a customized icon and determine who it's visible to.

Navigation Type Options


This will allow you to enter a URL linking to an external website


This will allow you to select from your list of materials or add a new material so that the menu item immediately opens up that material.


This will allow you to link to an external system, such as an app.


This will allow you to select a specific Collection to add to your menu. This way when an attendee selects that menu item, it brings them directly to the list of materials within that Collection.

Specific Collections

This will allow you to select multiple Collections to display within the Menu. Incredibly helpful when you're looking to segment the Collections/Materials within your event, such as On Demand Recordings.


This will allow you to select a specific Company to display within the Menu. When the attendee selects the menu item, they'll be brought directly to that company's website/booth within your event.

Company Group

This will allow you to select a specific Company Group to display within the Menu. This is helpful when you want to segment Sponsors, from Exhibitors, from Partners.


You may edit any menu item by selecting the pencil edit icon.


You may remove any menu item by selecting the red trash can icon.

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